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Reclaim your staff’s time with a medical scheduling system that’s uniquely tailored for you. 

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What is medical appointment scheduling software? 

Medical appointment scheduling software is a suite of digital tools that help healthcare organizations schedule patients faster and keep providers’ schedules full.  

Traditional scheduling methods often rely on phone calls and paper calendars, which raise the risk of no-shows and hurt the patient experience. But patient scheduling software is fully automated, helping healthcare organizations minimize administrative tasks and prevent patients from getting lost in the shuffle. 

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How to create an efficient medical scheduling system 

Want to build a high-quality medical scheduling system? Start by finding a trusted, HIPAA-compliant software vendor—one that boasts not only years of experience, but also a comprehensive list of features. 

Phreesia’s medical scheduling software includes: 


Let patients request an appointment from their own device—anytime, anywhere. 

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Patient self-scheduling

Give patients the ability to self-schedule their own appointments without staff intervention.* 

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Referral management

Organize, prioritize and standardize every referral from a single screen—even the faxed ones. 

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Smart scheduling

Auto-fill open slots on your schedule with clinically relevant patients—without managing a waitlist.* 

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Insurance verification

Automatically verify patients’ eligibility and benefits before they arrive for their visit.

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Appointments Dashboard

Manage and monitor every appointment, staff assignment and patient document from one place. 

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Appointment reminders

Prompt patients to confirm, cancel or reschedule their appointment with automated digital reminders. 

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Analytics and reporting tools

View data-driven analytics about your scheduling trends, referral sources and much more. 

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*Available for select EHR and practice management systems

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Get patients in for care up to

30 days sooner

with automated scheduling tools

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Save 8 minutes

of staff time for every patient
who schedules their own visit

Reclaim hours in your day with Phreesia’s medical scheduling software 

Whether you’re a complex health system or a bustling private practice, your staff has lots of administrative tasks to manage—checking in patients, conducting outreach, billing for care and much more. Why waste their limited time on scheduling appointments when you can automate the process? 

Phreesia’s medical appointment scheduling software helps you support your staff, balance their day and create great patient experiences. It also helps you engage patients throughout their appointment-scheduling process. 

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Say goodbye to an inefficient front office 

Physicians’ calendars are already packed, but they’re even harder to manage when patients don’t show up. Rising no-show rates and appointment cancellations are making it increasingly tough to predict resourcing needs—and to recoup lost revenue from unexpected open slots. 

That’s why Phreesia offers tools like patient self-scheduling, appointment reminders and end-to-end scheduling automation that make patients more likely to arrive on time for their appointments. Phreesia’s medical scheduling system helps you expedite care, minimize revenue losses and make the most of your clinicians’ valuable time.

Why use Phreesia’s medical scheduling software solution? 

It’s simple. Our robust medical appointment scheduling software helps you save time, keep providers’ schedules full and get patients the care they need sooner. 

From automated reminders and online scheduling workflows to insurance verification and post-visit payment processing, Phreesia automates key parts of the patient experience—before, during and after the visit. 

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Success stories

No matter your size, specialty or patient demographic, Phreesia’s medical scheduling system can help you drive outcomes that matter. 

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Frequently asked questions

What scheduling methods are used in healthcare? 

There are several methods of scheduling appointments and managing schedules. Some common methods include: 

  • Manual scheduling, which uses physical spreadsheets and paper calendars 
  • Phone-based scheduling, which involves patients calling in to book a visit 
  • Online scheduling, which lets patients request an appointment from their phone or computer 
  • Patient self-scheduling, where patients use their own device to select the appointment date, time and provider that works best for them 

How much does medical scheduling software cost? 

Due to the wide variety of medical scheduling software solutions available today, you’re likely to encounter a range of price points. In addition, some third-party medical scheduling system vendors’ fees are based on features, usage or organization’s size, among other factors. 

No matter your size, location or patient demographic, Phreesia offers a variety of bundled pricing options tailored for you. Request a quote to learn more about Phreesia’s medical appointment scheduling software. 

Does Phreesia integrate with my EHR system? 

Phreesia integrates with leading practice management (PM) and electronic health record (EHR) systems. Its integrations are managed by a dedicated team skilled in HL7v2, FHIR, proprietary APIs, data extracts and more. 

Click here to learn more about Phreesia’s bidirectional integrations. 

Can I modify Phreesia’s text message reminders? 

Yes. Phreesia’s text-message reminders have modifiable cadences, and they can be white-labeled to match your organization’s name. Contact Phreesia to learn more about modification options. 

What types of medical specialists use Phreesia? 

Phreesia is used by a wide range of medical specialists from organizations of all sizes. Click here to view some of the most common specialties Phreesia supports. 

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