Simplify Scheduling

An easier way to manage patient appointments

Customizable tools for scheduling, appointment tracking and referrals

Upcoming appointment reminder on mobile phone with confirmation

Give patients the scheduling experience they expect

  • Reminders
  • Online scheduling
  • Smart scheduling
  • Referrals
  • Workflow management
  • Analytics

Make fewer phone calls and minimize no-shows

Seamlessly prompt patients to confirm, reschedule or request to cancel their appointment.

Automate outreach

Send automated reminders to your patients via email, text message or voice.

Boost engagement

Customize your reminder messages to increase patients’ response rates.

Reduce no-shows

Ensure timely visits, minimize last-minute cancellations and keep your schedule full.

Meet patients’ needs

Support more accessible, inclusive ways to engage your patients about their care.

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Mobile reminder for upcoming appointment to reduce no-shows

78% fewer no-shows among patients who use Phreesia to confirm their appointments

46% more appointments confirmed or canceled using voice reminders

A more convenient way to schedule a visit

After-hours booking

Let patients schedule or request an appointment directly from their own device—anytime, anywhere.

Tailored workflows

Customize your appointment form to meet your organization’s unique rules and templates.

Enhanced transparency

Automatically notify patients when their appointments are scheduled.

Time savings

Alleviate administrative work for your clinic schedulers, front-office staff or call center.

Learn about online scheduling >

Self-scheduling mobile screen

Phreesia gives my staff time to do things other than be on the phone. Our patients and their parents can schedule their own appointments without an app, and it allows us to easily fill up our appointment slots.”

Shayna Smith, MD, Flourish Pediatrics

Eliminate scheduling work and see patients sooner

Fill open appointment slots with automated, rules-based scheduling—no phone calls required.

Accelerate care

See patients sooner by offering earlier visits with eligible providers.

Improve financial health

Reduce revenue losses caused by unexpected open appointment slots.

Close scheduling gaps

Recapture no-shows by prompting patients with new appointment options.

Boost physician utilization

Easily reschedule provider-bumped patients to keep your calendar full.

Learn about end-to-end scheduling automation >

Closeup of someone using Phreeis'a smart scheduling on mobile phone

Calling patients to fill open slots can be time-consuming. With Phreesia, we hardly have any gaps at all, and our utilization has improved tremendously. It has been a huge time-saver, and the feedback from patients has been really positive.”

Ronda Powell, Front Office Manager, Evergreen Family Medicine

Streamline your referral management

Spend less time tracking down referral information and more time providing high-quality patient care. Phreesia’s referral management platform lets you organize, manage and track every referral—even the faxed ones—on a central hub, freeing up your staff to spend more time with patients. (We’ll even transcribe your paper and e-faxes so you don’t have to!)

With all your referrals in one place, you can minimize referral costs, close gaps in care and schedule referred patients twice as fast.

Explore Phreesia’s referral management solution >

All referrals in one place - Patient communication and scheduling, referrals tracked from multiple channels, insurance verification, notes and task management, communication with referring offices, document exchange

Save 21 minutes of staff time per patient referral sent via Phreesia

Up to 75% reduction in staff needed to manage referrals

46% fewer paper faxes

Your command center for patient appointments

Centralize and track appointment requests, verify patients’ insurance and manage your appointments at scale.

Multiple locations, service lines or PM systems? No problem! Our Appointments Hub offers robust, end-to-end enterprise support so you can:

  • Manage telehealth and in-person appointments across multiple locations
  • Track all requests to reschedule or cancel an appointment
  • Easily view unconfirmed appointments
  • Assign each patient to a specific staff member
  • Schedule appointments directly into select PM systems
  • View patient documents sent from referring providers
  • Monitor patients’ appointment status in real time
Referral management system for upcoming patient appointments

Phreesia has provided our team with valuable insight into our referrals status and how efficiently our staff are able to process these appointment requests. We are also now able to demonstrate to our referring partners how quickly we can get their patients seen for a surgical evaluation—a big competitive advantage.”

Clay Baker, Practice Administrator/Director, Surgical Specialists of Charlotte, P.A.

Actionable insights for your staff

Data-driven analytics about your scheduling trends, referral sources and appointment patterns.


Track how long it takes your staff to schedule and complete each appointment.


Identify your top referral sources by volume and view key reasons for new appointments.


Calculate your volume of incoming appointment requests and self-scheduled appointments.


Inform your marketing efforts by keeping tabs on where new patients come from.

Nurse on computer reviewing patient analytics

Phreesia [has] helped us detect trends and given us more insight into what patients really think … We’re getting valuable feedback that we can work on to improve their experience.”

Angela Thomas, Certified Medical Assistant, CovenantCare Practices

A customizable experience for every patient

Alex Miller

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    Pre-visit outreach

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    Move appointment

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    Receive reminder

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Pre-visit outreach

It’s time for Alex’s annual check-up! Her provider sends an automated message to remind her that she’s due for care—along with a link for her to self-schedule an appointment.

Pre-visit outreach campaign on mobile phone followed by self-scheduling a doctor's visit


From her mobile phone, Alex self-schedules a check-up. Her provider’s online form is customized to match Alex to the right appointment type, provider and location.

Choosing an appointment date and time on self-scheduling mobile screen


After submitting her request, Alex receives an automated message indicating that her appointment has been scheduled. She adds it to her calendar on her mobile phone.

Confirming appointment and adding to calendar

Move appointment

Alex got lucky! Another patient canceled their check-up, so her provider sent an automated text message to offer Alex the open slot. It’s one month sooner. She replies to accept the new appointment time.

Screenshot of Appointment Accelerator on mobile phone

Receive reminder

A few days before her appointment, an automated message reminds Alex that she has a visit coming up. The message includes details about the appointment date, location and type, making her more likely to arrive on time and complete her registration beforehand.

Confirm appointment intake flow


Alex arrives on time and checks in beforehand. And because she completed all the necessary intake tasks ahead of time, Alex’s provider spends more time addressing her needs and fostering a productive, meaningful encounter.

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Screenshot of Appointment Accelerator on mobile phone
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