Appointment Reminders

Reach more patients and save staff time

Easily engage patients via text message, email or automated voice call

Reduce no-shows with customized, automated appointment reminders

Need a better way to reach patients before their visit? Appointment Reminders can help.

Phreesia’s Appointment Reminders tool lets you send customizable reminder and confirmation messages to patients in three different ways: email, text message and voice call. Then, we’ll automatically deliver them in patients’ preferred language and prompt them to confirm, cancel or request to reschedule their visit — no staff intervention required.

Don’t waste time playing phone tag. Instead, use Appointment Reminders to simplify communication, keep clinicians’ schedules full and support more accessible, inclusive ways to engage patients about their care.

How Appointment Reminders work

  • Text message or email
  • Voice call
Appointment reminder text message

1 Phreesia sends an automated reminder message to the patient

2 The patient confirms, cancels or requests to reschedule their appointment directly from the reminder message

3 Responses are sent to the Phreesia Dashboard for staff review

Woman talking on phone with doctor

1 Phreesia deploys an automated voice call to remind the patient of their upcoming visit

2 The patient confirms, cancels or requests to reschedule their appointment during the call

3 Responses are sent to the Phreesia Dashboard for staff review

4 If the patient does not answer the call, Phreesia leaves an automated message in their voicemail box

Results from across Phreesia’s network

Appointment Reminders drive tangible value—and the proof is in the numbers.

fewer no-shows among patients who confirm their appointment

more appointments confirmed or canceled using voice reminders

patients answer voice reminder calls

No-shows have decreased significantly since we started using Phreesia. Previously, we would have to manually call our patients, which took a lot of time—and patients often wouldn’t answer. Phreesia has helped improve our communication with patients and our appointment-reminder process.”

– Hillary Demski, Office Manager, Bidabadi Pediatrics

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