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A modern, convenient experience for your patients and staff

Phreesia helps dermatology practices streamline registration, payments, scheduling, clinical services and operations. Our customizable platform helps you automate time-consuming tasks and gives your patients an individualized experience at every visit.

  • Streamline registration
  • Increase revenue
  • See more patients
  • Promote services
  • Enhance clinical care
  • Patient activation

Simplify registration and save staff time

Digitize check-in

Let patients check in from anywhere—at home, on the go or when they arrive for their appointment—from the privacy and security of their own device.

Collect consents

Capture signatures for HIPAA agreements, financial policies and more. And with Phreesia’s robust integrations, updated consents are automatically captured in your PM.

Capture a complete patient record

Use rules-based interviews to ask patients the right questions at the right time. Our proprietary logic helps you save time, simplify intake and improve data accuracy.

Monitor your intake process

Access patient check-in status, receive automated alerts, view workflow analytics, manage registration exceptions and more—all from one screen.

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Pre-registration welcome screen for incoming patients

Across Phreesia’s network, 74% of dermatology patients check themselves in

Across Phreesia’s network, 5+ minutes of staff time saved per self-service check-in

Collect more payments and streamline insurance capture 

Increase collections

Seamlessly calculate and collect copays and outstanding balances with pre-visit, time-of-service and automated post-visit payments. Plus, send payment reminders to help patients understand what they owe.

Offer convenience

Give your patients modern, flexible ways to pay with payment plans, card on file and online bill-pay options, including Apple Pay® and Google Pay™. Keep tabs on all payments with PM integrations that automate end-of-day reconciliation.

Capture insurance information

Verify patients’ insurance coverage before they arrive, and confirm their eligibility and benefits in less than a minute with automated E&B checks.

Consolidate vendors and realize cost savings 

Phreesia manages funding, chargebacks, fraud monitoring and more. Plus, our competitive merchant processing rates help you save money on every transaction. 

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Dermatology patient making mobile payment on phone using credit card

91% of dermatology patients’ copays are paid at the time of service

91% of dermatology patients’ balances are paid at the time of service

Apple Pay® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

Fill your schedule and see more patients per day

Save staff time

Reduce inbound phone calls and manual work by letting patients request or self-schedule an appointment 24/7 from their own device.

Maximize scheduling efficiency

Easily fill unexpected open appointment slots with clinically relevant patients using rules-based scheduling automation.

Reduce no-shows

Ensure timely visits with customizable outreach campaigns and automated appointment reminders via email, text message or voice.

Monitor your appointment workflows

Centralize, manage and track all your in-person and virtual appointments across multiple locations and sources.

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Female patient consulting with doctor during appointment

Save 8 minutes of staff time for every patient who self-schedules a visit.

Increase use of your ancillary services

Phreesia’s customizable templates let you promote your ancillary services during intake and via email, target your messaging to reach the right patients and measure the success of your outreach efforts.

By educating or reminding patients about your premium services during intake or between visits, you’ll increase revenue and improve utilization of:

  • Neuromodulators
  • Dermal fillers
  • Microneedling
  • Machine-assisted facials
  • Laser hair removal
  • Body contouring
Mobile phone screen showing a sun safety tips for summer health campaign

More than half of patients open targeted emails about their health.

Deliver high-quality care and boost reimbursement

Streamline clinical intake, collect patient-reported data and easily administer screening tools.

With Phreesia, you can capture medical, family and social histories before each visit, giving providers the information they need to have more meaningful patient encounters. Phreesia helps you address patients’ health risks by asking privately about their access to food, housing and other social needs, and close gaps in care with customizable outreach messaging.

Phreesia also helps you automate the delivery and scoring of applicable patient-reported outcomes (PROs) and screening tools—and gives you real-time access to the results before patients enter the exam room.

Mobile phone showing screenshot of a past medical history questionaire
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97% of patients who are prompted with a PRO will complete it.

Support patients in taking a more active role in their care

Give your patients the support they need to take an active role in their care.


Send customizable text messages directly to patients. Provide pre-visit instructions, convert appointments to telehealth and more.


Connect with your dermatology patients before, during and after their visit with targeted messages that encourage routine care and drive follow-up appointments.

Female looking at mobile phone and engaging with targeted health campaign
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Acquire more patients with MediFind, a Phreesia company 

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Fill your administrative staffing gaps

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Your dermatology practice has lots of tasks to manage—and limited resources to manage them. But operating efficiently isn’t about finding more people to do the work. It’s about helping your staff work smarter, not harder.

In just a few short weeks, Phreesia can help you:

  • Reduce manual workloads
  • Improve efficiency
  • Create excellent patient experiences

A customized experience for every patient


  • 1

    Receive reminder

  • 2

    Schedule visit

  • 3

    Complete registration

  • 4

    Receive targeted message

  • 5

    Make payment

  • 6

    Meet with provider

  • 7

    Complete survey

Receive reminder

It’s time for Ellen’s annual skin check. Her provider sends an automated message to remind her that she’s due for care—along with a link for her to self-schedule an appointment.

Appointment reminder text message following by a self-scheduling form on mobile device

Schedule visit

Ellen clicks the link and is taken to a scheduling form. The form is customized to match Ellen to the right appointment type, provider and location.

Choosing an appointment date and time on self-scheduling mobile screen

Complete registration

A few days before the visit, Ellen receives a text message or email prompting her to pre-register. She confirms her demographic information, medical history and insurance coverage, then provides her e-signature for applicable consents. Upon submission, Phreesia verifies Ellen’s eligibility and benefits and shares the information with her dermatology provider’s administrative staff.

Mobile intake pre-register checkin flow - fill out patient demographics, insurance information, and sign consent forms

Receive targeted message

After submitting her registration, Ellen is prompted with an educational screen about the benefits of injectable treatments. The message is targeted based on Ellen’s demographic and medical history, and she decides to ask her dermatologist for more information during the visit.

Targeted message about non-surgical cosmetics procedure phone screen

Make payment

Ellen needs to pay her copay before arriving for the visit. She reviews the visit charges on her mobile phone, then selects Apple Pay® for a quick, convenient checkout.

Make a payment using Apple Pay on mobile phone

Meet with provider

Ellen arrives on time and checks in beforehand. And because she completed all the necessary intake tasks ahead of time, Ellen’s dermatologist spends more time addressing her needs—including having a conversation about the cosmetic benefits of injectable treatments.

Complete survey

When the appointment ends, Ellen gets a text message asking her to fill out a satisfaction survey. After completing it, she is prompted to share an online review about her visit.

Filling out post-visit office survey on mobile phone

Measurable results for your staff and patients

We’re proud to help organizations like yours operate efficiently, save staff time and create great patient experiences.

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dermatology clients say Phreesia creates tangible outcomes for their organization

Phreesia helps dermatology practices succeed

No matter your size, location or patient demographic, Phreesia can help your organization drive outcomes that matter.

Our bidirectional integrations

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Can’t find your PM/EHR? Don’t worry! Phreesia is easily integrated using open standards, including HL7, FHIR, CCD, CSV and more.

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