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Learn what we’re doing to support patients, empower providers and make care easier for all

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About Phreesia

Phreesia is a trusted leader in patient activation, giving providers, government entities, payers, life sciences companies and other organizations tools to help patients take a more active role in their care.

Founded in 2005, Phreesia enabled more than 1 in 10 visits across the U.S. in 2023—scale that we believe allows us to make meaningful impact.

Offering patient-driven digital solutions for intake, outreach, education and more, Phreesia enhances the patient experience, drives efficiency and improves healthcare outcomes.

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Phreesia’s public policy priorities

  • Activation
  • Value
  • Workforce
  • Access
  • Equity
  • Data

Empower and activate patients

Patients are at the center of what we do. We support policies that promote the patient voice in healthcare, including through patient-reported outcome measures and surveys.

Phreesia also supports initiatives that empower patients with relevant, timely information to help them become more active participants in their care.


Transition to, and reward for, value

Phreesia stewards and administers the only National Quality Forum (NQF)-endorsed performance measure of patient activation.1

By measuring activation—patients’ knowledge, skills and confidence to take a more active role in their care—we improve health outcomes, while ensuring the patient voice is at the center of care.

We proudly support the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation models—and the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) efforts—to transition to value-based care, while empowering patients and improving quality of care.

1 “Gains in Patient Activation Measure (PAM) Scores at 12 months” performance measure (PAM-PM).


Bolster the healthcare workforce

The healthcare workforce faces continued staff shortages, burnout and increasing administrative complexity.

Phreesia seeks to create solutions to reduce burden and advocates for policies to further advance simplicity, resiliency and tech-enablement within and across the healthcare workforce. We know firsthand this also improves the patient experience.


Enable access to high-quality, affordable care and therapies

Enabling access to high-quality, affordable care is the first step to helping patients take a more active role in their health and health care.

Phreesia supports patient access to high-quality care by helping patients find, schedule and receive care, understand coverage options, and appropriately leverage benefits in a tech-enabled environment.


Advance health equity

Phreesia works to advance policies and practices in support of achieving health equity so that all people, regardless of their geography, race, ethnicity, gender, language or other characteristics, have an opportunity to attain the best possible health outcomes.

We seek to not only identify but prevent inequities through culturally and linguistically appropriate products that collect self-reported data, activate patients and close gaps in care.


Promote data exchange, privacy and cybersecurity

Phreesia advocates for policies and practices that support the privacy and security of the health data of patients and healthcare consumers, while also enabling the essential digital flow of information to activate patients, enable providers, improve outcomes and reduce costs.