Increase revenue

A modern payment experience for your patients and staff

Automate collections, check E&B in advance, improve data accuracy and get paid faster

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Phreesia does the work, so you don’t have to

We get it—your staff has a lot going on. From verifying patients’ insurance coverage and calculating copays to posting payments and charging cards on file, Phreesia’s revenue cycle management tools help automate key steps in the payment process—before, during and after the patient visit—saving everyone time and helping you collect more, faster.

  • Payment options
  • Automated collections
  • Copays and eligibility checks
  • Intelligent bill pay
  • Merchant processing
  • Enterprise support

Give your patients multiple ways to pay

Increase collections and provide the flexible financial experience your patients expect. 

With Phreesia, you can offer your patients several ways to conveniently pay copays and balances without any extra staff work required. Our convenient bill-pay options include Apple Pay® and Google Pay™, and you can keep tabs on all payments with PM system integrations that automate end-of-day reconciliation. Plus, you can identify patients who may qualify for financial assistance and discreetly prompt them to apply for it.

Our payment options include:

  • Credit, debit and FSA/HSA transactions 
  • Apple Pay® and Google Pay™ 
  • Cash and check tracking 
  • Payment plans 
  • Card on file 
  • Online payments
Girl using a credit card to make an online payment

Increase time-of-service collections by up to 50% when payments are collected through Phreesia

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With Phreesia, 89% of patients pay their copays at the time of service

Apple Pay® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

Automatically collect outstanding balances 

Reduce your reliance on paper statements, minimize collections fees and make the payment process even more convenient for patients.

With Phreesia, you can automatically charge patients’ cards on file to collect outstanding balances after insurance claims are adjudicated—no mailed statements or follow-up calls required.

Use Phreesia’s automated collection tools to: 

  • Increase collection rates 
  • Get paid faster 
  • Reduce bad debt 
  • Minimize hard costs 
  • Save staff time 
Laptop showing Phreesia's Payment Assurance screen

133 hours of staff time saved for every 1,000 payments automatically collected

Mobile payment infographic

$2,700 in savings on paper statements and postage for every 1,000 payments successfully collected

Automate eligibility checks and seamlessly collect copays

Save time

E&B verification through Phreesia happens within seconds, and automated checks are conducted an average of three times prior to a patient’s visit.

Easily collect copays

Determine copays at the time of service for primary care, specialty, urgent care, vision and dental visits to give patients visibility into what they owe.

Capture insurance

During intake, Phreesia captures and verifies insurance information directly from the patient or as it’s imported from the PM system.

Better coordinate benefits

Multiple E&B checks prior to each visit ensures staff can reconcile any issues and quickly determine patients’ financial responsibility.

Front office staff checking computer for patient copays and eligibility checks

Get paid more, faster and easier 

Accelerate revenue, reduce bad debt and improve your odds of collecting patients’ balances in full. 

Smart notifications 

Prompt patients to pay their balance immediately after getting an EOB. We’ll send them a link via text or email—whichever they prefer—to make a secure payment online.

Itemized details 

Present patients with a full breakdown of every bill they receive, including their date of service, provider, visit charges, credits, adjustments and much more.

Automated reminders

If a patient forgets to pay, we’ll send a customized reminder based on their payment history and behavior to increase the likelihood of them paying.

Convenient methods

Give patients multiple ways to pay, including credit, debit, FSA/HSA, mobile wallets and more. Patients can pay in full or make a partial payment—all from their own device.

Patient viewing bills on mobile with Phreesia Bill Pay

Phreesia’s intelligent bill pay helped a primary care group in the northeast achieve a 65% increase in self-service collections and a 36% reduction in paper statements.

More money in your pocket

Handle all your payment-processing needs—including funding, chargebacks, fraud monitoring and more.

Competitive rates

Save money on every credit card transaction with simple processing rates. That means no hidden fees and no rate fluctuations.

In-house support

Get all the hardware and software you need to process transactions. We’ll open and maintain your merchant account and assume underwriting responsibility.

Payment methods

We accept all major credit, debit and HSA cards—as well as Apple Pay® and Google Pay™ transactions—all in one place.

Security and compliance

Phreesia is PCI Level 1-compliant and P2PE-validated, which helps you mitigate risk, keep your data secure and reduce your PCI scope by more than 80%.

Mobile phone showing Phreesia's payment screen

End-to-end support from a single platform

For health systems and larger medical groups, Phreesia can streamline all patient payments and generate a universal patient balance that consolidates financial responsibility across the entire organization in a single invoice.

Multiple PM systems? No problem. We can automatically post payments to each of them, saving valuable time for your staff.

In addition, Phreesia provides external APIs that allow your organization to integrate and embed Phreesia functionality into your existing products and solutions.

Illustration for end-to-end support on a single platform
Mobile payment infographic

85% of scheduled payments result in a successful collection with Phreesia

13% average reduction in paper statements through Phreesia

A customizable experience for every patient

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Alex Miller

  • 1

    Insurance capture

  • 2

    Pre-visit payment

  • 3

    Receive copay receipt

  • 4

    Payment reminder

  • 5

    Payment plan

  • 6

    Receive installment receipt

Insurance capture

It’s almost time for Alex’s appointment! From her mobile phone, she completes her pre-registration and updates her insurance information. Upon submission, Phreesia verifies Alex’s eligibility and benefits within seconds and automatically shares the results with her provider.

Filling out insurance information on mobile phone

Pre-visit payment

Before her visit, Alex receives a mobile notification to check in. She reviews the visit charges on her phone, then authorizes the practice to charge her card on file for a quick, convenient checkout.

Pay with card on file

Receive copay receipt

After paying her copay, Alex receives a digital receipt via email. The receipt includes the transaction date, practice name, amount paid and other important details for Alex’s records.

Payment reminder

After the visit, Alex receives an email reminder letting her know she has an outstanding balance from a previous appointment. She clicks the link in the email and is directed to Phreesia’s website, which offers several secure ways for her to pay.

Phone screen of a payment reminder

Payment plan

Alex can’t pay the full balance right now, so she sets up a payment plan coinciding with the practice’s minimum payment requirement.

Phone screen showing the payment plan process

Receive installment receipt

Alex receives a digital receipt confirming that her payment plan has been set up. Now, she’ll be able to pay off her balance in manageable monthly installments using the credit card she already has on file.

Phone screen showing a payment receipt

The Phreesia payment experience

Revenue Cycle payment experience workflow Revenue Cycle payment experience workflow

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