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Frequently asked questions from patients 

What is Phreesia? 

Phreesia is a software company that automates the patient check-in process and other administrative functions for healthcare organizations—such as doctor’s offices, physician practices, hospitals and health systems, among others. If your healthcare organization uses Phreesia, you’ll be able to check in for your appointments from your own internet-connected device—or from a tablet provided by your organization—rather than by filling out paperwork in the waiting room.  

In addition, healthcare organizations use Phreesia to: 

  • Screen patients for clinical risks and social needs during check-in 
  • Remind patients to schedule routine appointments, such as annual physicals, wellness visits and preventive care 
  • Share announcements and educational healthcare content with patients between appointments 

Phreesia also gives patients the option to receive health-related content that is personalized for them after the check-in process is complete. Learn more about Phreesia’s standards for health-related content in our Third-Party Content Policy. 

Where does the optional personalized health-related content appear? 

Once you sign the authorization form to view optional personalized health-related content, you will be able to view this information once your check-in is complete. Optional content only appears after you’re done filling out forms for your visit with your provider.

Why did my healthcare provider ask me to use Phreesia? 

Healthcare organizations use Phreesia’s software to automate many of their processes, including check-in, appointment scheduling, payments and other administrative functions. They choose to work with Phreesia because it makes these processes more efficient, saves time and improves your experience. 

How do I log in to Phreesia? 

When you use Phreesia for digital registration for an upcoming visit, it is through a one-time link or form. Users do not create accounts, and there is no online portal. That means patients don’t need to log in to Phreesia to check in for a visit, confirm an appointment or make a payment. Instead, you will be asked to securely authenticate using a multi-step process every time you use Phreesia. If you need to update your information outside of completing a Phreesia form, access billing or find other support regarding your records, please contact your healthcare provider directly.  

Is Phreesia the only software company that my provider uses to manage my healthcare data? 

Likely not. Healthcare organizations often work with multiple software companies—such as patient portal vendors and electronic health record systems, among others—to help manage patients’ healthcare data. 

Can Phreesia save me from having to re-enter information that I’ve already given to my healthcare provider? 

In many cases, yes. For example, healthcare organizations can often configure Phreesia’s check-in sessions to show you the information you’ve already given your healthcare provider, such as your street address and insurance information.  

But there are limits that are important to understand. Sometimes, providers want patients to answer certain questions at regular intervals. Examples include:  

  • A healthcare organization might ask you to answer a question about clinical symptoms at every appointment, since your symptoms may change between one visit and the next.  
  • A healthcare organization might ask you to answer questions about your housing status or access to transportation, among other non-medical needs.  

In addition, Phreesia’s software is organization-specific. That means if you visit a different healthcare organization that also uses Phreesia—such as a doctor’s office in another city—you may be asked to re-enter information that you’ve already provided to another healthcare organization that uses Phreesia. 

How do I unsubscribe from emails and text messages my provider sends through Phreesia? 

Healthcare providers use Phreesia to send you health- and appointment-related messages using the contact information that you have given to your provider for healthcare communications.  

If you prefer to receive communications from your provider at a different number or email address, you can always speak to your provider about updating the contact information that they keep on file. You’ll also have the opportunity to update your contact information the next time that you check in using Phreesia. 

If you do not wish to receive certain messages from your provider via Phreesia, you can also unsubscribe or block messages, which will prevent future messages from your provider from being delivered to you. 

  • Emails: Click “unsubscribe” at the bottom of any email that your provider sent through Phreesia to unsubscribe from that type of emailed message (surveys, payments, etc.). 
  • Text messages: Reply “STOP” to block any text messages that your provider sends through Phreesia to the number you provided. Please note that providers may use multiple Phreesia products with different phone numbers, so you may need to repeat this process to block all text messages that your provider sends through Phreesia.  If you have previously unsubscribed and would like to resubscribe, you can reply “UNSTOP” to the same number(s).
Why did Phreesia ask about my gender identity, sexual orientation or pronouns? 

Phreesia supports providers in collecting information that is important to providing inclusive care. Phreesia is highly customizable, and we work with our healthcare organization clients to create check-in workflows that best meet their needs and align with the requirements of the software they use. As such, some organizations configure Phreesia to ask patients about their gender identity, sexual orientation and/or pronouns. 

If you have additional questions about why your provider collects this information, or how this information is used, please reach out to your healthcare organization directly. 

I use a name that is different from my legal name. Can Phreesia use that name when communicating with me? 

Yes, many providers use Phreesia to ask patients how they would like to be addressed, and we try to use your requested name whenever we can. However, each healthcare organization’s Phreesia configuration is different, so there may be some places where you see your legal name when using Phreesia.  

How does Phreesia protect my data?

Phreesia protects your healthcare data by having a strong privacy program in place, which adheres to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Phreesia operates as a HIPAA “business associate” to healthcare provider organizations. Just like your doctor’s office or other healthcare provider must adhere to HIPAA to protect your healthcare data, so must Phreesia. Click here to learn more about how we protect healthcare data as a HIPAA business associate. 

Phreesia also protects your healthcare data when you choose to receive optional health information. Click here to learn more about Phreesia’s commitment to protecting your data when providing relevant health information. 

Can I ask Phreesia to delete my information? 

If your healthcare organization uses Phreesia, it is necessary for us to maintain certain information to provide our services to the organization, per the terms of their contract.  

Phreesia acts as a HIPAA business associate to healthcare organizations, which means that Phreesia handles patient data on the healthcare organization’s behalf and at their direction. When a healthcare organization chooses Phreesia as their vendor and business associate for patient check-in and other services, Phreesia cannot, at the patient’s direction, delete the data Phreesia maintains on the organization’s behalf.  

Phreesia also holds some personal data governed by its privacy policies. To find out more about your rights regarding this personal data, please review our Platform Privacy Policy. 

I enjoy using Phreesia. How can I tell other healthcare organizations about it? 

We’re glad you enjoy using Phreesia! If you’d like to encourage other healthcare organizations to use it, please direct them to our website at www.phreesia.com. 

How can I send questions or feedback to Phreesia? 

We’re always open to questions and feedback about our platform, products and services. If you have an inquiry for us, please direct it to the appropriate channel below: 

Products and


Privacy and


General and
user support


Phreesia is not a healthcare provider and cannot answer questions about your health, test results or treatment. If you have questions about your health, please reach out to your healthcare organization directly.