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Minimize no-shows with appointment reminders

Avoid late appointments, no-shows and cancellations with patient reminder software.

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Reduce no-shows with a customized, automated patient reminder system

Patient appointment reminders are key to minimizing no-shows, which cost the healthcare industry billions of dollars every year. 

That’s why Phreesia’s solution lets you send customized patient reminders via email, text message and voice call. We automatically deliver them in patients’ preferred language and prompt them to confirm, cancel or request to reschedule their visit—no staff intervention required. 

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phone calls eliminated per month with automated patient appointment reminders via voice message

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No-shows have decreased significantly since we started using Phreesia. Previously, we would have to manually call our patients, which took a lot of time—and patients often wouldn’t answer. Phreesia has helped improve our communication with patients and our appointment-reminder process.”

– Hillary Demski, Office Manager, Bidabadi Pediatrics

Key features of medical appointment reminder software

Multi-channel support

Send reminders based on patients’ communication preferences—including emails, text messages and automated voice calls.

Customizable templates

Tailor your messages so they adhere to your organization’s tone and include all the details 
your patients need.

Language preferences

Our platform supports 19 languages for email and SMS reminders—and 13 languages for automated voice calls. 

How Phreesia’s patient reminder system works

  • Text message or email
  • Voice call
Appointment reminder text message

1 Phreesia sends an automated reminder message to the patient

2 The patient confirms, cancels or requests to reschedule their appointment directly from the reminder message

3 Responses are sent to the Phreesia Dashboard for staff review

Woman talking on phone with doctor

1 Phreesia deploys an automated voice call to remind the patient of their upcoming visit

2 The patient confirms, cancels or requests to reschedule their appointment during the call

3 Responses are sent to the Phreesia Dashboard for staff review

4 If the patient does not answer the call, Phreesia leaves an automated message in their voicemail box

Engage more patients with voice reminders

Have patients who prefer a phone call rather than an email or text message? No problem. 

Phreesia’s patient reminder system lets you send automated voice calls to patients, even if you already sent them an email or text message and didn’t hear back. If patients miss the call, they’ll get a message with the appointment reminder details in their voicemail. 

46% more appointments confirmed or canceled using voice reminders

1 in 3 patients answer voice reminder calls

See how Phreesia can help!

Frequently asked questions

What are patient appointment reminders?

Patient appointment reminders are notifications or messages that patients receive to remind them of an upcoming appointment with their healthcare provider.  

While some healthcare organizations use traditional patient reminder methods—such as manually calling patients or sending them a mailer—others use medical appointment reminder services to automate the process. With the right medical appointment reminder software, healthcare organizations can send:

  • Email reminders 
  • SMS reminders 
  • Automated voice call reminders 

The purpose of patient reminders is to reduce the likelihood of no-shows, minimize cancellations and facilitate the next step of the patient journey: Getting patients into the office for care. 

How do I pick the best appointment reminder software? 

To choose the right medical appointment reminder software, healthcare organizations should consider several factors, including: 

  • Scope: Does the software support multiple channels to send appointment reminders for patients (e.g., email reminders, voice reminders, SMS reminders)?  
  • Features: Does the software offer customizable message templates and let patients confirm, cancel or request to reschedule their appointment directly from the patient reminder message? 
  • Integration: Does the patient reminder software integrate with your health record system (EHR or EMR) and practice management software? 
  • Scalability: Does the solution suffer any performance issues when sending lots of patient appointment reminders at once? 
  • Cost: Does the software offer flat, per-provider monthly pricing, or would you be charged a fee for every patient reminder you send? 
  • Reviews: How do other healthcare organizations feel about the software? Will the software vendor introduce you to a current client, if you ask to speak with one? 

How much can appointment reminder software improve no-show rates? 

Every patient reminder system is different, which means the impact on no-shows may vary from one vendor to another. However, clients who use Phreesia’s patient appointment reminders to engage patients in their care typically see the following results: 

  • 78% fewer no-shows among patients who confirm their appointment 
  • 46% more appointment confirmations or cancellations using voice reminders 
  • 1 in 3 patients answer voice reminder calls 

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