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Mobile, in-office and virtual-visit registration with customized workflows

Mobile check-in registration workflow
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Deliver a better, more convenient intake experience

  • Check-in
  • Data capture
  • Consents
  • Payments
  • Workflow management
  • Analytics

A faster, easier way to check in

Phreesia Mobile

Give patients a flexible check-in experience, no matter where they are—at home, on the go or in your office.

Phreesia PadX

Turn any iPad® into a convenient, in-office registration solution with the Phreesia PadX application.

Intake for Telehealth

Streamlined, customizable intake workflows that help your organization manage virtual visits at scale.


A registration kiosk with wayfinding features to meet the needs of health systems and large medical practices.

Mobile registration check-in workflow

Across Phreesia’s network, 84% of patients check themselves in

5+ minutes of staff time saved per self-service check-in

iPad® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

Capture a complete patient record without staff intervention

Ask the right questions to the right patients at the right time with Phreesia’s proprietary logic and workflows. Our automated tools help you reduce manual data entry and improve record accuracy by:

  • Prompting patients with relevant questions about their demographics, insurance coverage, clinical history and health risks
  • Allowing patients to update their information from the privacy and security of their own device—no apps or logins required
  • Sending health data, clinical screening results and patient-reported outcomes directly to your EHR
Capture patient record on mobile

Phreesia delivers tremendous value to our organization by automatically capturing and integrating important clinical, demographic and social data from patients, consistently and at scale.”

Robin Scott, Business Office Manager, Virginia Cardiovascular Specialists

More time with patients, less time managing consents

Whether you need patient consent once, every six months or annually, Phreesia has you covered. Our logic-driven platform captures patients’ signatures electronically and sends required forms directly to your PM or EHR.

Use Phreesia’s consent management tool to:

  • Collect signatures at the time of service for HIPAA agreements, financial policies and clinical documents
  • Use custom logic to prompt relevant forms based on timing, provider, location, appointment type, patient demographics and more
  • Automatically send consent forms to your PM or EHR after collecting a signature
Signing digital consent form on mobile phone

99% of patients automatically sign or re-sign consents when they are due

Collect more time-of-service payments

Increase collections

Seamlessly calculate and collect copays and outstanding balances with automated pre-visit, time-of-service and post-visit payments.

Capture insurance

Verify patients’ insurance coverage before they arrive, and confirm their eligibility and benefits in less than a minute with automated E&B checks.

Boost profitability

Gain robust insights into your payment workflows and save money on every transaction with competitive merchant processing rates.

Get paid faster

Send fewer statements and collect payments faster with secure, automated payment reminders.

Making medical payment with credit card on mobile phone

Phreesia makes it easy to respectfully and consistently collect from patients at the time of service by prompting them to pay during registration.”

Heather Collins, Front Office Coordinator, Mid-City OBGYN

The command center for your waiting room

Monitor patient intake, access information and manage registration exceptions—all from one screen.

Multiple locations, service lines or PM systems? No problem! Our Phreesia Dashboard offers robust, end-to-end enterprise support so you can:

  • Manage patient appointment information
  • Send customizable alerts and notifications
  • Review E&B verification details
  • Set up payment plans and card-on-file policies
  • Initiate a two-way patient chat via text message
  • Access patient visit notes, images and charts
  • View copays, balances and visit charges
  • See transaction details and batch reporting
Referral management computer screen to monitor intake

All through the Phreesia Dashboard, we can have our patients register on their own device … We have eliminated countless hours of redundant work, freeing our staff to do other important tasks.”

Philip Coburn, Chief Operating Officer, TrustCare Health

Actionable insights for your staff

Data-driven analytics about your intake trends and patterns.


Track check-in volumes by location, visit type, staff member and more.


View pre-registration completion rates relative to scheduled visit times.


Record and supervise patient check-in performance by staff member.


Keep tabs on your patients’ overall satisfaction with the Phreesia platform.

Front-of-office staff monitoring analytics on computer

Phreesia [has] helped us detect trends and given us more insight into what patients really think… We’re getting valuable feedback that we can work on to improve their experience.”

Angela Thomas, Certified Medical Assistant, CovenantCare Practices

A customizable experience for every patient

Alex Miller headshot

Alex Miller

  • 1

    Receive reminder

  • 2

    Start pre-registration

  • 3

    Update records

  • 4

    Sign consents

  • 5

    Make payment

  • 6

    Complete survey

Receive reminder

It’s time for Alex’s annual check-up! Her provider sends an automated message to remind her that she’s due for care—along with a link for her to self-schedule an appointment. 

Reminder to self-schedule a doctor appointment on mobile phone

Start pre-registration

Before her scheduled visit, Alex receives a text message or email on her mobile phone, then clicks the link to register for her appointment.

Mobile intake pre-register checkin flow - fill out patient demographics

Update records

Alex recently changed jobs and has a new health insurance provider. She is prompted to update her insurance information when confirming her demographic and medical history.

Filling out insurance information on mobile phone

Sign consents

Alex needs to re-sign the practice’s privacy policy. She is automatically prompted with the form during intake and provides her electronic signature.

Patient privacy consent form being signed on mobile phone

Make payment

Before arriving for the visit, Alex needs to pay her copay. She reviews the visit charges on her mobile phone, then selects Apple Pay® for a quick, convenient checkout.
Apple Pay® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

Make a payment using Apple Pay on mobile phone

Complete survey

When the appointment ends, Alex gets a text message asking her to fill out a survey. After completing it, she is prompted to share an online review about her visit.

Filling out post-visit office survey on mobile phone
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