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Intake products designed for mobile, in-office and contactless check-in

Phreesia allows our organization to make each patient encounter more productive and efficient. The Arrivals kiosks have really streamlined our registration process—returning patients can check in quickly and newer patients can use the wayfinding features to navigate to their exam room or appointment facility.”

-Darlene, Piedmont Healthcare

Phreesia’s patient check-in system leverages your most important resource:
your patients.


Allow patients to check in from wherever they feel comfortable and safe—at home, in your parking lot or another designated waiting area.


Give patients a private, secure office check-in experience with our easy-to-use intake tablets.


Offer your frequently returning and Mobile patients a quick intake option with our self-service kiosks.

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Intake Workflows

Take advantage of our patient registration software’s proprietary logic and workflows to ask the right patients the right questions at the right time. We’ve checked in millions of patients across a wide range of specialties, and we understand the unique needs of your practice and your patients. Our specialty intake workflows guide patients through a tailored list of questions, allowing them to enter and verify their demographics and insurance data, and answer questions about their clinical history and health risks, helping you to capture a complete patient record.

Graphic illustration of Phreesia’s digital patient registration process

Patient Registration Dashboard

This is the command center for your waiting room. Use the Phreesia Dashboard to efficiently monitor the intake process, access relevant patient information and manage registration exceptions.

Graphic illustration of Phreesia’s patient registration workflow Graphic illustration of Phreesia’s patient registration workflow

Patient Intake Analytics

Get a clearer picture of your entire intake process. Monitor check-in volumes by visit type and staff member, mobile registration rates, average check-in times, patient satisfaction with Phreesia and much more.

  • Track check-in volumes by visit type
  • Improve staff accountability, and monitor each employee’s patient check-in performance
  • Track the percentage of patients who check in before their visit, as well as check-in completion rates relative to scheduled appointment times.
  • Monitor the average length of the patient check-in process
  • Understand patients’ satisfaction rates with the Phreesia platform