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Optimize marketing and improve patient loyalty

Get more appointments, stand out from the competition, build your brand and keep patients coming back

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Be the provider organization of choice in your community

  • Patient acquisition
  • Patient retention
  • Online reviews
  • Service promotions

Get found and chosen by patients—at scale

Organic growth

Expand your reach and acquire new patients for free with MediFind—the leading online platform to help patients find a provider.

Referral conversion

Convert more new-patient referrals into scheduled appointments and digitize every referral on a central hub—even the faxed ones.

Online scheduling

Enhance your digital front door with self-scheduling capabilities, white-labeled appointment request forms and more.

After-hours calls

Simplify your after-hours call process for patients, providers and staff with PhreesiaOnCall, our medical answering service.

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“Every Phreesia product helps the business do better and generate more revenue—it’s such a beautiful rhythm. Our patient population has grown tremendously. We really couldn’t do it all without Phreesia.”

Brooke Sodahl, Practice Administrator, MyOBGYN

Become patients’ go-to destination for care

Automate your outreach

Remind patients about their appointments and recall them for missed or delayed care—no matter your size, specialty or service lines.

Keep patients engaged

Engage patients before, during and after their visit with tailored messages that encourage routine care and drive follow-up appointments.

See patients sooner

Offer earlier appointments via text message with Phreesia’s rules-based, AI-powered smart scheduling tool.

Engage in real time

Connect with individual patients—or engage your population at scale—with two-way text messaging.

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“Retention is important to any practice, but it’s very important for our patients—even though they are traditionally hard to retain. With Phreesia, our retention now is actually very good: Over 90% of our patients have had a visit within the past six months.”

Paul Lovely, Executive Director, CARE Center at Dignity Health – St. Mary Medical Center

Improve your reputation and build your brand

Want to make it easier for patients to find you? With Phreesia, you can.

Phreesia’s post-visit satisfaction surveys automatically prompt satisfied patients to leave an online review, helping you boost your Google search ranking and attract new patients.

Better yet, Phreesia lets you:

  • Identify your organization’s strengths
  • Find opportunities for improvement
  • Customize your survey questions
  • Track patient satisfaction over time
  • Instantly alert staff about negative feedback
  • Benchmark your performance against others
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Healthcare organizations see a 50% increase in Google reviews after implementing Phreesia.

Increase ancillary service revenue

Need a better way to market your ancillary services, elective procedures or premium offerings to patients? Phreesia can help.

Our customizable templates let you promote anything you’d like—physical therapy, labs, radiology, retail offerings, cosmetic procedures and more. Plus, you can tailor your messaging to reach the right patients and measure the impact of your outreach in real time.

Use Phreesia’s pre-built and customizable campaigns to:

  • Avoid wasted marketing spend
  • Drive more high-value visits
  • Reduce outbound phone calls
  • Keep clinicians’ schedules full
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Did you know? Phreesia’s pre-built templates support numerous specialties, including dermatology, ENT, optometry, orthopedics, pain management, urology and more.

Calculate your return on investment

How much value does Phreesia bring? We’ll show you!

See how we can move the needle on your staff utilization, no-show rate, time-of-service collections and more.

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Measurable results for your staff and patients

1 in 10

clients would recommend Phreesia to a friend or colleague


of patients are satisfied with their experience using Phreesia

1 in 10

clients say Phreesia provides high-quality, proactive customer service and support

In the beginning, we needed another functionality that Phreesia did not provide, and Phreesia said they would work on it. We thought it would be years before Phreesia could add that functionality, but in the next update, they already had it going … Phreesia is always updating and going with the newest and best things that allow companies to provide the best care for patients.”

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Why Phreesia?

Our top-rated platform gives you the power to acquire new patients and keep them coming back—all while retaining your star staff. Watch our video to see why healthcare organizations across the country trust Phreesia.

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