An easier way to manage referrals

Increase conversion rates,
digitize faxed referrals and
streamline patient communication

Meet your referral command center

Want a faster, more convenient referrals process? Phreesia can help.

With Phreesia, every referral that comes in can be organized, prioritized and standardized from a single screen—even the faxed ones! You’ll also benefit from:

  • Higher conversion rates to scheduled patients
  • Better referral quality
  • Easier patient acquisition
  • Fewer manual tasks for staff

With all your referrals in one place, you can increase revenue, engage more patients and accelerate their care.

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See up to 3 new patients per provider per month when using Phreesia to manage referrals

Save 21 minutes of staff time for every referral sent via Phreesia

Referrals managed via Phreesia are up to 3x more likely to be scheduled

Phreesia helps with…

  • Referral conversion
  • Faxed referrals
  • Referral quality
  • Patient outreach

Boost your referral conversion rate

Increase revenue and accelerate care by converting more referrals into seen patients.

With Phreesia, you can:

  • Create custom-filtered work queues and assign tasks to staff members
  • Prioritize referrals based upon value and urgency
  • Automate outreach to ensure patients don’t get lost in the shuffle

Easily manage your faxed referrals

Save time and improve data integrity by letting us transcribe, upload and standardize your faxed referrals.

Phreesia will:

  • Transcribe every referral you receive, including paper and e-faxes
  • Enter the key information into your referrals hub in a consistent format

Improve inbound referral quality

Leverage real-time data and required fields to ensure each referral is a good fit for your practice.

Use Phreesia to:

  • Identify referrals that are a better fit elsewhere
  • Check referred patients’ eligibility and benefits before scheduling
  • Monitor your analytics and KPIs to benchmark performance

Streamline patient communication

Engage, coordinate with and schedule referred patients before they arrive—and avoid playing phone tag.

Phreesia lets you:

  • Send automated messages to individual patients that prompt them to schedule a visit
  • Chat with referred patients via text message to confirm their information, request additional documents and more

The proven leader in referral management

See why specialists nationwide choose Phreesia to manage their patient referrals.

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