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PhreesiaOnCall is a robust medical answering service for physicians.

See why physicians and staff trust Phreesia’s medical answering service.

How a complete medical answering service can support your healthcare organization

Simplify care coordination

Consolidate everything onto a single platform for physicians and staff

Securely chat with patients

Engage 1:1 with patients in real time via HIPAA-compliant texting

Get automatic alerts

Promote urgent call handling with 24/7 alerts for urgent calls after hours

Improve efficiency

Save time and minimize manual work with smart, automated call tracking

Protect personal numbers

Display your office line by default when you call patients back

Set multiple contact methods

Stay available after hours—without sacrificing your personal life

Customize call calendars

Swap on-call providers when their availability changes

Engage via video

Turn calls into telehealth visits, no appointment scheduling needed

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Beyond a medical answering service

PhreesiaOnCall is more than just a medical office answering service for physicians—it’s a next-level healthcare communication platform

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Benefits for providers
  • Minimize unnecessary interruptions by filtering calls by urgency
  • Review call details with automated transcriptions and recordings
  • Add notes via free-type and speech-to-text
  • Securely chat with patients via HIPAA-compliant texting
  • Display office line as caller ID, even if using a personal phone
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Benefits for staff
  • View details from every call in a daily call log
  • Make notes, listen to messages and track follow-ups with timestamped signatures
  • Easily view provider notes and documentation (and add your own!)
  • Accurately route patients and minimize medical liability
  • Customize your on-call calendar with one tap
Patient using a physicians answering service to talk to doctor on phone
Benefits for patients
  • Get rapid support from doctors after placing an urgent after-hours call
  • Chat directly with care teams—not call centers
  • Engage with providers via telehealth or HIPAA-compliant texting
  • Add notes via free-type and speech-to-text
  • Receive fast callbacks from staff for clinical questions, prescription refills and more

Easily manage on-call workflows

Being on call is one of the most stressful parts of physicians’ jobs. That’s why you need physician answering service software that’s purpose-built for your unique after-hours needs.

That’s what makes our doctor answering service different. Designed by doctors for doctors, our HIPAA-compliant medical answering service technology lets you:

  • Filter calls by urgency
  • Get alerted how you want to
  • Quickly review message details
  • Add notes and documentation
  • Capture all after-hours activity in a centralized call log
  • Customize call trees, call calendars and more
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How else can Phreesia support your organization?

Our medical answering service is the industry-leading solution for after-hours calls. But Phreesia is more than just an answering service for medical professionals.

We have robust solutions to help you:

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Simplify scheduling

Customizable tools for scheduling, appointment tracking and referrals

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Engage patients

Attract new patients and keep them coming back with our software suite

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Increase revenue

Automate collections, check E&B in advance and get paid faster

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