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Support your on-call providers without spending a dime

Want to streamline after-hours calls for your patients, providers and staff? PhreesiaOnCall can help—and it’s 100% free for Phreesia clients.

PhreesiaOnCall is a medical answering solution that helps you manage after-hours calls and simplify care coordination with smart, automated call tracking.

Providers and patients can interact in real time via HIPAA-compliant chat, and you can ensure a seamless experience across locations with automatic documentation.

Use PhreesiaOnCall to:

  • Save time and money
  • Reduce medical liability
  • Consolidate vendors
  • Improve call transparency
  • Avoid missed revenue
  • Capture higher-quality data
  • Minimize provider frustration
  • Accelerate patient care
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How PhreesiaOnCall works


  • 1

    Call routed

  • 2

    Provider alerted

  • 3

    Patient details reviewed

  • 4

    Patient contacted

  • 5

    Call documented and logged

Call routed

When a patient calls after hours, they are asked to specify the reason for their call.

PhreesiaOnCall filters calls by urgency to determine whether to alert the on-call provider.

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Provider alerted

If the call is deemed urgent,​ Phreesia alerts the provider.

Using the PhreesiaOnCall app, ​the provider can listen to a recording ​of the call or read the call transcript.​

Patient details reviewed

Phreesia’s bidirectional EHR integration matches the caller to the correct patient, allowing the provider to review a snapshot of the patient’s history before returning the call.*​

* Available for select integrations

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Patient contacted

The provider has three secure options ​to follow up:​

  1. Send a text message to the patient​
  2. Call the patient from the organization’s number, even if using a personal phone*​
  3. Initiate a telehealth video call ​with the patient​

* Because the caller ID lists the organization’s phone number, the provider’s personal contact information is always shielded.​

Call documented and logged

The call is automatically logged. Providers can manually add documentation about the call, or select from Phreesia’s templated lists.​

Notes flow back into the EHR*, and office staff can follow up on any outstanding items ​the next day.​

* Available for select integrations

With PhreesiaOnCall, you’ll get:

  • After-hours support
  • Direct communication
  • Automatic documentation
  • No costs

Never miss an urgent call

We automatically route urgent calls to the correct on-call provider—complete with real-time alerts from a user-friendly mobile app. Plus, you can:

  • View recordings, transcripts and patient details before responding
  • Call or text patients from an office line, even when using a personal phone
  • Deliver better round-the-clock care
Illustration of man calling doctor in the middle of the night with sick child

Chat with patients in real time

PhreesiaOnCall lets providers initiate real-time conversations with patients via voice call, video or HIPAA-compliant text message. You can discuss:

  • Prescriptions
  • Lab results
  • Follow-ups
  • And more!

For supported integrations, all messages automatically save to patients’ charts.

Illustration of doctor chatting with patient after hours

Optimize staff efficiency

Our solution supports automatic documentation to give you a seamless office experience. You can:

  • Organize and track patients’ follow-up needs
  • Maintain a time-stamped audit trail of patient encounters
  • Keep up with meticulous reporting requirements
  • Manage your on-call schedule from one screen
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Eliminate call-center expenses

Tired of paying exorbitant rates for third-party answering services? Now, you don’t have to: We’re making PhreesiaOnCall available to Phreesia clients at no cost.

It’s that simple. If you’re a Phreesia client, PhreesiaOnCall is completely free. Your partnership means the world to us, and we want to help you save time and money however we can.

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PhreesiaOnCall helps you deliver a better experience for:

Nurse at front desk talking on headset


Save time and avoid confusion by managing every on-call task from one application.

Doctor talking with patient over mobile


Connect directly with patients, respond more effectively and reduce medical liability.

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With fast callbacks and on-demand support, you’ll help patients get the care they need, sooner.

Designed by doctors, for doctors

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PhreesiaOnCall customers are eligible for 24/7 customer support. To submit a ticket, just visit the Dashboard or open the menu in the desktop or mobile app. And if you need further assistance, feel free to send us an email!

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