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Your patient intake partner

Phreesia knows that health systems like yours face complex challenges. From participating in risk-sharing agreements like ACOs to managing different EHR systems, you need a comprehensive solution that meets the needs of your enterprise. Our platform provides a consistent, modern experience across a wide range of specialties and settings. Whether you’re looking for new ways to improve population health, working to lower costs or just trying to run a more efficient health system, Phreesia can help.


Every patient who walks through your door has unique needs. But completing all of the necessary intake tasks for each patient at every visit can seem impossible without an army of staff. Phreesia’s automated platform makes it happen—standardizing the intake process across your system—and tailoring the experience to each one of your patients.

  • Create a better patient experience

  • Complete the right intake tasks for every visit

  • Improve your understanding of your patients’ needs

  • Use Phreesia to do it all at scale, with consistency and fewer staff

Sample Phreesia workflow for female health system patient requesting a well-woman exam

Say goodbye to clipboards and scanning

Phreesia is designed to save your clinics—and your patients—the headache of check-in forms. Whether patients register at home, in your parking lot or in your office, Phreesia’s intake tools help streamline your operations, while giving patients the safe, contactless options they want and your providers the specific information they need.

We also manage hardware across all of your locations, so your IT team doesn’t have to worry about troubleshooting devices and updating software.


Send texts or emails that let your patients register up to a week before their appointment. They can check in from their mobile device at home,  in their car or in another designated area when they arrive at your office. Mobile offers patients a convenient and contactless way to update their medical history, sign consents, make payments and take photos to store in their patient record. 


Patients who don’t use Phreesia Mobile to register can check in on our in-office, wireless tablets. The PhreesiaPad provides them with a private and secure option to enter their demographic information, complete clinical questionnaires, make payments and capture photos to store in their patient record. 

Arrivals Kiosk

Streamline check-in for patients you see regularly and those who have already completed Mobile registration. Phreesia Arrivals also includes wayfinding features, and offers patients who need to check in quickly a self-service, zero-wait-time option.

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Phreesia mobile patient intake check in on phone
mobile patient intake check in on phone
Sample enterprise health system patient intake form on the PhreesiaPad tablet, patient indicating caesarean section

The right questions,
the right answers

In healthcare, every patient is unique. Phreesia tailors the intake experience to each patient, capturing medical, family and social history, payment information and consents. The data is automatically sent back to your EHR/PM system, allowing you to collect a complete patient record.

  • Deliver patient-specific, guided intake interviews on any personal device
  • Gather complete patient demographic profiles
  • Capture medical history, payments and e-signature consents
  • Integrate patient data with your EHR/PM system
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Activate patients throughout their journey

What if you could engage patients and empower them to take a more active role in their care? Phreesia Health Campaigns allows you to send targeted messages to the right patients at the right time and prompts them to self-schedule specific appointments, such as nurse visits for flu vaccines, mammograms, DEXA scans and other preventive screenings. Health Campaigns activates patients in their care and helps you improve clinical quality, boost patient recall, and align clinical operations with both fee-for-service and value-based payment models. This reduces call volume and scheduling workload for your staff, gives providers more time during the visit and encourages patients to take charge of their health.

  • Identify target patient populations in need of specific appointment types
  • Present custom messages to patients during intake or between visits, prompting them to request or self-schedule appointments
  • Monitor and analyze outreach metrics and patient responses
  • Enhance quality performance by driving preventive care
  • Maximize time with patients to deliver quality care and a better patient experience
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Woman holding her mobile phone and filling out Phreesia patient satisfaction survey for orthopedic practices to track patient perceptionsWoman holding her mobile phone and filling out Phreesia patient satisfaction survey for orthopedic practices to track patient perceptions
Sample Phreesia health system patient record indicating commercial insurance status

Insurance verification with results you can use

Need to know a patient’s copay? No problem. What about the remaining deductible? We’ll tell you. Phreesia’s automated Eligibility & Benefits application gives your staff the data they need in a manageable, simple-to-understand format.

  • Automatically verify insurance before or during the visit
  • Identify benefit information, such as co-insurance and deductibles
  • Accelerate reimbursement by reducing pending and denied claims
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Collect more patient payments—before and after the visit

We know that asking patients for payments can be difficult–asking them in a systematic way across hundreds of locations is an even greater challenge. But with 40% of commercially insured patients on high-deductible health plans, time-of-service payments matter. Phreesia makes the collections process easy and offers patients multiple payment options. Whether you choose to use our secure payment platform or your current processor, our suite of payment applications will help your system increase profitability and reduce outstanding balances, while offering patients flexible and convenient ways to pay for their care.

  • E-cashiering
  • POS payments
  • Payment posting
  • Level 1 PCI-compliant and P2PE-certified
  • Payment plans
  • Online payments
  • Phreesia Payment Assurance
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Data graphic illustrating that, with Phreesia, health systems and medical practices see a significant increase in time of service collections
Woman doing stretching exercises in a gym to demonstrate benefits of Phreesia's Wellness for health systems app

Support your patients’ behavioral health and wellness goals

Identifying and addressing patients’ behavioral health needs can be challenging without a system-wide approach. Phreesia understands this, and we help create a foundation of support for managing behavioral health and wellness across your enterprise.

  • Gather patient-reported outcomes (PROs) and screen for depression, anxiety, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and more
  • Capture revenue by billing for appropriate screenings
  • Identify additional recommended treatments or screenings
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Care Pathways to monitor and enhance your patients’ health

Before you can provide the best treatment plans for your patients, you need to understand their risks. Phreesia’s Care Pathways applications include patient-reported outcomes (PROs) and screening tools for more than 15 specialties, allowing your practice to identify and treat patients for a wide range of health risks such as depression, anxiety, cancer and substance abuse. Each tool gathers critical health data from patients, calculates their risk scores and communicates the results back to their care team.

  • Identify the right screenings and gather PROs for specific health conditions
  • Target patients by age, gender and appointment type
  • Collect and calculate responses for appropriate follow-up care and/or reimbursement
Learn more about Care Pathways >
Data graphic illustrating that, with Phreesia, large health systems saw a 4.4x increase in the number of depression screeners being completed by patients