Digitize paper-based forms and consents

Improve operational efficiency and collect information faster, without printing or scanning

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Go paperless with Access eForms, now from Phreesia

Want to eliminate the expenses, risks and inefficiencies of paper-based workflows? We can help.

From digitally collecting patient information and signatures to sending data wherever it’s needed, our flagship solution—Access Passport—helps you remove paper from your forms processes, making them completely electronic from start to finish.

You can:

  • View clinical and administrative e-forms from handheld devices at any time, either through your workstation or by scanning a patient’s wristband
  • Capture patient information and signatures during registration, at the bedside or in the back office
  • Pre-populate data into e-forms to alleviate burden on staff and patients
  • Empower your staff to focus on patients—not paperwork

In addition, Access Passport helps you keep digital forms HIPAA-compliant by sending content updates and requested patient information directly to the patient record within your EHR.

100% paperless

electronic forms technology

Save an estimated

$3.33 per patient

by managing forms digitally

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21+ years

of experience delivering thousands of different forms

How it works

See how Access eForms can be your partner in the process—so you can focus on patients, not paperwork. 

Access eForms helps you…

  • Reduce costs
  • Avoid risks
  • Improve efficiency
  • Build consistency

Minimize operating expenses

Reduce hard costs of paper and labor by capturing patients’ e-signatures at the bedside and seamlessly sending the data to your EHR, HIE, data warehouse or data lake.

Avoid unnecessary risks

Ensure your team meets CMS and Joint Commission standards regarding electronic signatures, and enable your staff to follow up with patients who are missing important paperwork.

Spend less time on data entry

Once an e-form is complete, we instantly deliver the data to the people and systems that need it. We track the e-form throughout its life cycle—so your staff doesn’t have to.

Standardize workflows across facilities

Our solution integrates with most major acute EHRs, so you can manage forms across locations and provide a one-stop shop for clinical and administrative staff.

Stories from the field

See how Access helps hospitals and health systems succeed. 

Innovator Tier in the MEDITECH Alliance

Access eForms is a partner for MEDITECH MaaS customers and an Innovator organization in the MEDITECH Alliance. We’re proud to help hospitals convert troublesome, paper-based consent forms into MEDITECH-integrated digital solutions that save time, save money and make clinicians happier.

With our Access Passport solution, MEDITECH hospitals can streamline their workflows, reduce errors and improve the patient experience.

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Want to see firsthand how Norman Regional Health System, a multi-campus organization serving south-central Oklahoma, transformed consent management across locations with Access eForms? 

Read the case study >

The proven leader in electronic forms management

See why healthcare organizations nationwide rely on Access eForms.

Need support? We’ve got you covered.

Access customers are eligible for 24/7 customer support, all in one place. Visit our Support Hub to submit a ticket, view open requests and more.

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