Gain insights

Measure performance and impact with robust analytics

Drive results that matter with customizable operational, clinical and financial reporting tools

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Improve your processes with actionable information

  • Registration
  • Surveys
  • Payments
  • Appointments
  • Clinical

Get visibility into your intake trends and patterns


Track check-in volumes by location, visit type, staff member and more.


View pre-registration completion rates relative to scheduled visit times.


Easily see how many patients have signed your organization’s policies.


Reduce claims denials and improve efficiency by monitoring patients’ insurance eligibility.

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Collect patients’ direct feedback

Identify strengths

See how many patients would recommend your practice and why—and customize your surveys with questions specific to your organization.

Be proactive

Get real-time alerts for negative survey responses so your staff can follow up with patients before they review your practice online.

Track satisfaction

Keep tabs on your patients’ overall satisfaction with their providers, their care experience, the Phreesia platform and more.

Benchmark performance

Stay competitive by comparing your practice to others nationwide based on appointment availability, operating hours and more.

Mobile phone showing a patient satisfaction survey

Keep tabs on your revenue cycle

By location

Track pre-visit, time-of-service and post-visit collections rates across multiple sites.

By modality

Gauge the impact of different payment methods by monitoring adoption rates.

By behavior

See which tools result in a successful payment—including reminders, card on file and more.

By initiative

Evaluate the performance of new initiatives to inform multi-site rollouts or operational changes.

Laptop computer screen showing Phreesia's Payment Assurance

Better understand your appointment workflows

Staff performance

Learn how long it takes your staff to schedule and complete each appointment.

Referral insights

Identify your top referral sources by volume and view key reasons for new appointments.

Scheduling metrics

Calculate your volume of incoming appointment requests and scheduled appointments.

Appointment sources

Inform your marketing efforts by keeping tabs on where new patients come from.

Patient checking in at front desk using Phreesia's software on her phone and front desk staff using Phreesia on desktop computer

Track performance, identify health risks and engage more patients

Preventive care

Evaluate your care delivery capacity and identify patients’ top needs to increase access and close gaps in care.


Address social determinants of health by identifying at-risk patients and monitoring demand for social resources.


Track the performance of your intake and outreach messages—and use those insights to follow up with any patients you engage.


Identify at-risk patients by automating the delivery and scoring of applicable patient-reported outcomes (PROs) and screening tools.

Nurse looking at SDOH information on desktop computer screen
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Real-time, data-driven insights

Phreesia’s reporting tools provide aggregate and granular data about every facet of your organization—registration, scheduling, payments and more. See how our dynamic analytics can help you set more intentional goals and make better strategic decisions. 

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No matter your size, location or patient demographic, Phreesia can help your organization drive outcomes that matter.

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