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Eliminate scheduling work for your staff with Phreesia Appointment Accelerator

Appointment Accelerator is an automated, text-based solution designed to fill open slots on your schedule with clinically relevant patients—all without your staff needing to lift a finger or manage a time-consuming waitlist.

You can use Appointment Accelerator to:

• Reduce lost revenue due to open slots

• Recapture patient no-shows by offering new appointments

• Reschedule provider-bumped patients

• Offer patients earlier appointments with available providers

Connect your patients to care, faster

Appointment Accelerator leverages AI and a custom-rules engine to offer earlier appointments for eligible patients as soon as a time slot becomes available.
Open appointments filled per provider per month
Median time it takes to fill open slots
Improvement in patient access

Average client results

18.5 days
5 minutes

“Appointment Accelerator helps us maintain a full schedule and engage our patients without any work from our staff. We don’t have to worry about cancellations anymore and our patients love getting earlier appointments.”

- Carmel Roberts, CEO, Valley OB-GYN

“Appointment Accelerator has saved us significant time in handling canceled appointments, especially with patients delaying care due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It's easy to use and keeps our schedules full – all while relieving a major burden for our staff.

- Peter A. Nystrom, CCO, Nystrom & Associates

Our bidirectional integrations

End-to-end scheduling automation with Appointment Accelerator

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