Sophisticated integrations for
enterprise-wide connectivity

Phreesia delivers tremendous value to our organization by automatically capturing and integrating important clinical, demographic and social data from patients, consistently and at scale. Our staff no longer has to worry about manual input of lengthy paper interviews and can spend more time addressing patients’ needs.”

– Robin, Virginia Cardiovascular Specialists

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Turnkey integrations with the nation’s leading EHR and PM solutions

  • Rapid, scalable implementation
  • Seamless data capture and integration saves staff time and facilitates more meaningful patient-provider encounters
  • Demographics, insurance information and consent forms are updated automatically in the PM system
  • Payments made through Phreesia post automatically in the PM system in real time
  • Streamline practice operations by reducing redundant data entry and excessive administrative tasks
  • Bidirectional integration with the leading scheduling, registration and billing systems

Custom interfaces

  • Designed to support unique data flows into your EHR, HIE, data warehouse or data lake
  • Easily configured across APIs, HL7, FHIR, CCD, X12 and more

Simple intake for multiple appointment types

  • Allow patients to complete a single intake session for more than one scheduled appointment
  • Simplify staff workflow by eliminating duplicate data entry into different host systems

Success Stories

A 55-provider orthopedics group leveraged Phreesia’s integration with athenahealth to drive self-service registration, save staff time and streamline clinical documentation, allowing providers to see an additional 10 patients per day.

At a five-provider pediatrics practice, 72% of patients checked themselves in, allowing the practice to seamlessly collect data and add it to patients’ records in Office Practicum.

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