As medical practices begin stabilizing operations and planning for recovery, Phreesia’s suite of Appointments applications can help them fill up their schedules and get patients back in the door. Whether it’s for virtual visits or in-person care, Phreesia can reach out to patients and referring providers and prompt them to schedule an appointment. We understand that many organizations are working with fewer staff members, so Phreesia’s Appointments software and services help you focus on providing care and rebuilding your practice.

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Appointment Scheduling


Online Appointments & Self-Scheduling

Take some of the burden off your call center or clinic schedulers, especially if you’re operating with fewer staff. Phreesia Online Appointments gives patients 24/7 access to request or even schedule their own telehealth or in-person appointments online, via a link on your website or a call to action in your patient outreach efforts. All appointment requests and self-scheduled appointments flow into the Appointments Hub for staff to track and manage.


Physician referrals are now more important than ever for getting specialty groups back on their feet. Phreesia’s Referrals offering includes software and support that enables your referring providers to easily send and track referrals to your organization. Your staff can use the Appointments Hub to manage all incoming referrals, chat with referring providers if necessary, and schedule appointments. Detailed analytics provide insights into referral volume and trends. The result? More incoming referrals, a reduced staff workload and an overall increase in referring provider satisfaction.

Health Campaigns

Send targeted messages to specific patient populations or individuals using Phreesia’s Health Campaigns application. With Health Campaigns, you can reach out to patients with upcoming appointments and ask them to reschedule to telehealth, or recall past cancelled and no-show appointments. Easily prioritize certain patients or appointment types, such as patients with chronic conditions or delayed procedures. Patients can easily self-schedule or request the appropriate appointment right from the email message without having to call the office.


Appointment cancellations and no-show rates are up as patients delay care for fear of exposure to COVID-19. With Phreesia Appointment Confirmations, you can prompt patients to schedule a telehealth visit instead of cancelling their appointment, enabling your practice to recover some of your lost visit volume and get patients the care they need.

Appointment Confirmations

Appointments Hub

Think of it as your appointments command center. The Phreesia Appointments Hub centralizes and tracks all incoming appointments from your website, your Health Campaigns or other patient outreach, and your referring providers. Staff can manage both telehealth and in-person appointments across multiple locations. The Appointments Hub can also schedule appointments directly into select practice management systems.

A national health system implemented Zero-Contact Intake within five days, enabling front desk employees across 67 emergency departments to manage patient intake remotely

A regional health system is using Zero-Contact Intake to screen 90% of patients for its COVID-19 clinic and eliminate face-to-face interactions

Success Stories


Success Stories

Patients at a multi-state urology group used Phreesia Self-Scheduling to book over 2,600 telehealth visits within the first month of going live with Intake for Telehealth.

In one month of using Health Campaigns, a large dermatology group booked more than 3,200 requests for telehealth visits and increased visit volumes by 61%.

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COVID-19 Screening Module

Automatically screen patients 
for self-reported COVID-19 risk factors during intake, before the visit

Vaccine Management Solution

An end-to-end set of outreach, intake, reminder and recall tools to increase COVID-19 vaccine uptake

Zero-Contact Intake

Reduce face-to-face interactions to keep patients and staff safe during intake

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