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We understand neurology practices and their patients.

Neurology is a complex specialty that requires a multi-disciplinary team, including behavioral neurologists, neuropsychiatrists, physical therapists and social workers. Diagnostic and treatment modalities for neurological disorders, such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, brain injury and epilepsy, are constantly evolving, making care challenging. Together with our network of neurology providers, we have developed a best-in-class solution that goes beyond digital intake to address the unique needs of neurology organizations and their patients.

With customized patient interviews and independently validated clinical screeners, Phreesia’s specialty-specific intake workflows improve documentation, engage patients in their care and give you the tools to run a more effective and profitable practice.

Phreesia customizes intake with relevant workflows and clinical screeners based on patient and appointment type.

Clinical Screeners

Clinical screeners provide valuable patient-reported outcomes data that can be used to enhance care and inform decision-making. With Phreesia, your patients are automatically identified and prompted to complete the appropriate screeners.

Every practice is unique but in working closely with high-performing neurology organizations across the country, we’ve compiled a recommended portfolio of screeners to help neurologists improve their quality of care and maximize profitability.

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