Patient Engagement

Applications designed to activate patients and improve care

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Leverage the patient intake process to create sustainable programs that engage patients in their care, educate them about your ancillary services, and communicate with them before, during and after the visit for a seamless patient experience.

 Visual of patient activation information and data Visual of patient activation information and data

Health Campaigns

Phreesia Health Campaigns allows you to connect with patients before, during or after the visit through targeted messages that engage them in their care, drive follow-up appointments and enhance quality performance for your organization. You can educate patients about the care they need and then give them the opportunity to take charge of their health. Patients can easily self-schedule or request the appropriate appointment, such as Medicare annual wellness visits or diabetic eye exams.

Social Determinants of Health

Your patients’ health goes well beyond the healthcare they receive—and clinicians have a pivotal role to play. Whether it’s a child living in an unsafe area, an older adult with few friends nearby, or a pregnant woman with no access to transportation for medical appointments, social determinants of health affect people’s lives in countless ways. And it’s almost impossible to meaningfully improve your patients’ health without bringing those factors into consideration.

With Phreesia’s patient engagement applications, you can ask patients privately about their access to healthy food, safe housing and other social determinants that can have a critical impact on their health. The information you gather automatically integrates with your PM/EMR, giving you tools to better understand your patients and drive the services they need, helping you to meet your organizational goals.

Graphic of patient and their social determinants of health
Graphic of patient and their social determinants of health
Woman with patient satisfaction surveyWoman with patient satisfaction survey


Do you know what patients think about your practice? Phreesia’s post-visit patient satisfaction surveys give you the tools to find out more about the patient experience. Designed to align with industry standards, you can track your Net Promoter Score®, measure key drivers of patient satisfaction and more.

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Phreesia’s patient engagement software sends patients branded emails to share important announcements such as new locations, office closures and added services.

 Graphic illustration of patient communication solution examples
 Graphic illustration of patient communication solution examples
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