Screen patients for
self-reported COVID-19 risk factors

Developed in February 2020, Phreesia’s COVID-19 Screening Module is designed to identify patients with self-reported risk factors before their appointment or upon arrival, and alert both patients and staff to take appropriate action based on patients’ responses. The module is based on CDC guidelines and is updated regularly to ensure users are screening their patients using the latest public health guidance.


Phreesia has screened over 110 million patient visits since February 2020


Patient receives an email or text to pre-register from their home or car before the visit

Patient completes the COVID-19 Screening Module

At-risk patients are re-routed to the appropriate care setting

Reporting available on patients screened and risks identified

Success Stories

A regional health system leveraged Phreesia’s COVID-19 Screening Module at 60+ clinic locations to screen more than 20,000 patients for risk factors within two months.

A rural health clinic screened 600 patients before their visit and flagged 87 as having at least one COVID-19 risk factor.

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