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Phreesia for Neurosurgery

A customized intake experience for your patients and your practice

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Phreesia neurosurgery solution main header image showing neurosurgeon talking to a patient

Your patient intake partner

Phreesia knows that neurosurgery practices like yours see a wide variety of patients, and no two are alike. Whether you’re managing demand for post-op services, working to create a better patient experience or just trying to run a more efficient practice, we can help.


Every patient who walks through your door has unique needs. But completing all of the necessary intake tasks for each patient at every visit can seem impossible without an army of staff. Phreesia’s automated platform makes it happen and tailors the intake experience to each one of your neurosurgery patients.

  • Create a better patient experience

  • Complete the right intake tasks for every visit

  • Improve your understanding of your patients’ needs

  • Use Phreesia to do it all at scale, with consistency and fewer staff

Sample Phreesia profile for new neurosurgery patient complaining of low-back pain

Say goodbye to clipboards and scanning

Phreesia is designed to save your team—and your patients—the headache of check-in forms. Whether patients register on their mobile device or use the PhreesiaPad or Arrivals station, our intake tools help speed things up for your practice, while giving patients the consumer-friendly, self-service options they want.


Send texts or emails that let your patients register up to a week before their appointment. With Mobile, patients can update their medical history, sign consents, make payments and take photos to store in their patient record.


Allow your patients to enter their demographic information, complete clinical questionnaires, capture photos to store in their patient record, and pay privately and securely on our in-office wireless tablets. You can also remind them about additional services such as minimally invasive procedures, physical therapy and imaging directly on the PhreesiaPad.

Arrivals Station

Streamline check-in for those patients you see regularly, such as those coming in for physical therapy or postops. Phreesia Arrivals gives patients who need to check in quickly an efficient, self-service option.

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Phreesia Arrivals station kiosk in use at neurosurgery practice
Sample neurosurgery practice patient intake form on the PhreesiaPad tablet, patient indicating past treatments of epidural injections, physical therapy, and muscle relaxants

The right questions,
the right answers

In healthcare, no two patients are alike. Phreesia tailors the patient experience to your neurosurgery patients, capturing medical and social history, insurance information and consents. The data is automatically sent back to your EMR/PM system, allowing you to collect a complete patient record.

  • Deliver patient-specific, guided intake interviews
  • Gather complete patient demographic profiles
  • Capture medical history, payments and e-signature consents
  • Integrate patient data with your EMR/PM system
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Insurance verification with results you can use

Need to know a patient’s copay? No problem. What about the remaining deductible? We’ll tell you. Phreesia’s automated Eligibility & Benefits application gives your staff the data they need in a manageable, simple-to-understand format.

  • Automatically verify insurance before or during the visit
  • Identify benefit information, such as co-insurance and deductibles
  • Accelerate reimbursement by reducing pending and denied claims
Learn more about Eligibility & Benefits Verification >
Sample Phreesia neurosurgery patient record indicating commercial insurance status
Data graphic illustrating that with Phreesia, medical practices (including neurosurgery) saw a 40% increase in time of service collections

Collect more patient payments—before and after the visit

We get it—asking patients for payment can be difficult. But with patient financial responsibility making up 20% to 30% of provider revenue, everyone is feeling the pinch. Using Phreesia’s suite of payment applications, your practice will increase profitability, reduce bad debt—and offer patients more convenient options to pay for their care.

  • E-cashiering
  • POS payments
  • Payment posting
  • Payment plans
  • Online payments
  • Phreesia Payment Assurance
Learn more about Payments >

Clinical assessments to improve your patients’ quality of life

Before you can provide the best treatment plans for your patients, you need to understand their risks. Phreesia’s Care Pathways for Neuro, Pain and Spine application gives you the right tools to identify and treat patients suffering from chronic pain and spinal conditions such as spinal stenosis and spinal radiculopathy. Our targeted clinical screeners, such as the Oswestry Disability Index (ODI) and Opioid Risk Tool (ORT), gather critical health data from patients, calculate their risk score and communicate the results back to their care team.

  • Identify the right clinical screeners for specific health conditions
  • Target patients by age, reason for visit and appointment type
  • Collect and calculate responses for appropriate follow-up care and/or reimbursement
Learn more about Care Pathways >
Woman tending to her flower garden to illustrate benefits of Phreesia's Care Pathways for Neuro, Pain and Spine application
Illustration of Phreesia Referrals centralized list tracking for neurosurgery practices

Managing referrals just got easier

If you find the referral process challenging, you’re not alone. It’s hard to manage your incoming referrals from different sources across multiple locations. With Phreesia Referrals, the process is easy: Referring providers can submit online referral requests anytime, and staff can track them in one place and send automated appointment confirmations back to referring providers.

  • Track all incoming referrals in one place with a work queue for schedulers or referral coordinators
  • Learn about your referral base through Phreesia Reporting and Analytics
  • Increase market share by improving your referring providers’ experience
Learn more about Referrals >

Are my patients satisfied with their care?

What do your patients think about their office visits? How do they compare to their experiences at your ambulatory surgery center or physical therapy office? Connecting with your patients and understanding their experience is critical to enhancing their care. It also helps you improve services, generate referrals and boost reimbursement rates. Phreesia’s post-visit surveys do just that: provide patient feedback in real time, giving you a clear picture of what they think.

  • Track patient perceptions
  • Identify service issues
  • Customize questions based on location and visit type
  • Measure progress on practice improvement efforts
  • Prepare for incentive-based patient satisfaction reports
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Woman holding her mobile phone and filling out Phreesia patient satisfaction survey for neurosurgery practices to track patient perceptionsWoman holding her mobile phone and filling out Phreesia patient satisfaction survey for neurosurgery practices to track patient perceptions
Sample Phreesia Analytics desktop screen for neurosurgery practices

Measure, understand and improve

Phreesia’s robust suite of analytic tools empowers you to take control of your organization’s financial and operational health. Our permission-based reports give you the insights you need to make the decisions that drive accountability and success in your organization.

Learn more about Analytics and Reports >

Your partner in security

At Phreesia, privacy and security are our top priorities—not boxes we check during a once-a-year review. At each and every level of our organization, we foster a culture of compliance focused on safeguarding patient data. Phreesia adheres to industry-leading regulations and requirements for securing and protecting health data, and we set best-in-class policies across our entire company. We’re honored to have those efforts recognized with many of the industry’s most well-known certifications, including:

  • HITRUST CSF Certification
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)
  • Security Organization Control (SOC) 2
Learn more about Privacy and Security >
Graphic with padlock to illustrate Phreesia security and privacy

Robust, bidirectional integration

With Phreesia, you know your patient data will always flow directly and securely into your EMR or PM system, providing automatic updates that save time and improve organizational efficiency.

Logos of Phreesia EMR and PM system patient data integration partners.
Logos of Phreesia EMR and PM system patient data integration partners.
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