Stay the course: Keeping patients informed and your schedule intact when disaster strikes

Patient Experience RCM Staffing Webinar

Much of the U.S. is at risk of widespread blackouts this summer due to unprecedented challenges on the power grid, and many regions are projected to have an increased risk of wildfires and severe weather. For healthcare organizations, this could mean unexpected closures and a need to reschedule hundreds of appointments. Is your organization ready?

Watch our webinar as we share strategies for communicating with patients, organizing your schedule and keeping operations on track before, during and after a disaster. Chloe Coreth, Associate Director of Product Management at Phreesia, discusses the tools and tactics needed when responding to unexpected events, including best practices for patient messaging and scheduling. This webinar features Melissa Mitchell, Chief Operations Officer at HealthLinc, who shares how her organization kept patients up to date and retained appointments, even as disaster disrupted operations.

Watch the webinar to:

  • Gain step-by-step advice for what to do when disaster strikes
  • Learn how to use digital tools to build resiliency and redundancy
  • Hear how two leading healthcare organizations overcame unexpected business disruptions

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