Healthcare’s digital transformation: How consumerism is reshaping the healthcare landscape

Phreesia surveyed 4,000+ patients to learn how they feel about using technology to manage their care. Here's what they said—and what it means for providers.
Patient Experience RCM Security & Privacy White Paper

The rise of consumerism has given patients more ownership of their care than ever before. And as consumer-facing technologies become commonplace, patients are increasingly shopping for healthcare experiences that align with their digital behaviors and preferences. 

To attract and retain those patients, providers need to offer the modern, convenient features they’re accustomed to using elsewhere. 

Phreesia recently surveyed more than 4,000 patients about their digital expectations for their care, including how they want to check in, manage appointments, make payments and engage with providers. We dive deep into the survey results and explore their implications for providers in our new white paper, Healthcare’s Digital Transformation: How consumerism is changing the healthcare landscape—and how provider organizations should respond. 

Read the white paper to learn: 

  • How patients feel about using self-service technology to manage their healthcare experience 
  • Digital strategies you can implement to increase access, activate patients and make payments easier 
  • Ways to identify third-party vendors that keep patients’ sensitive health information secure 
  • A 3-step checklist to successfully introduce new technologies to your patients 

Click the image to download the white paper.