Engage Your Employees for Practice Profitability and a Standout Patient Experience

Patient Experience Staffing Webinar

Wondering about the impact more engaged employees could make on your organization? Curious if there are practical ideas and research behind the buzzwords?

In this webinar, practice management expert Laurie Morgan discusses employee engagement, practice profitability and the patient experience. She gives us a deep dive into why this topic is so important and outlines strategies for creating a greater sense of employee enthusiasm and engagement throughout your organization.

What you’ll hear:

  • An overview of the theory of employee engagement, including academic and field research from some of the early thought leaders who pioneered the concept
  • Why great practices need engaged employees and their impact on the patient experience and operational efficiency
  • Surefire strategies for boosting employee engagement, including tips for managers that help foster engagement
  • Employee engagement killers, such as poor communication, micromanagement, failed commitments and favoritism
  • How to create a culture of engagement, and the importance of taking the time to find the right people who can thrive in and contribute to your organization

Insight from Laurie:

“Employee engagement is something that a healthcare organization of any size can put a little bit more focus on and improve many aspects of their practice’s performance, from the patient experience to financial performance.”

“Engaged employees are your organization’s ‘boots on the ground’ – they’re the ones who are seeing how patients are reacting to your services and they’re willing to go the extra mile because they care.”

 “Employees want a sense of ownership. They want to feel like they’re responsible for a piece of the mission of your organization.”

“It’s important to train employees ‘up’ for the responsibilities that they have today, not just the responsibilities that they had five or six years ago when they first joined your organization.”

“A great patient experience starts with a great employee experience.”

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