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The Battle Against Vaccine Hesitancy: What Health Systems Can Do to Reach At-risk Patients

Wednesday, January 27 at 1 PM ET

Phreesia is committed to supporting medical groups and health systems during COVID-19 by helping them stay safe and continue to see patients. Whether that means supporting you as you transition to telehealth visits, helping you communicate changes to your patient base, enabling you to screen patients for COVID-19 risk factors or helping you minimize contact during in-person visits, Phreesia is here for you.

Product offerings to support you during COVID-19 and beyond

COVID-19 Support Products

COVID-19 Screening Module

Automatically screen patients for self-reported COVID-19 symptoms and risk factors during pre-visit intake

  • Screen patients for COVID-19 symptoms and risk factor
  • Adhere to the latest CDC guidelines
  • Direct at-risk patients to the right care setting
  • Educate patients about your practice’s evolving policies

Vaccine Management Solution

An end-to-end set of outreach, intake, reminder and recall tools to increase vaccine uptake

  • Manage waitlist, scheduling and patient communication
  • Automate intake, screening and consents
  • Maximize uptake and completion
  • Screen for vaccine hesitancy and deliver targeted educational

Intake for Telehealth

Capture important intake and clinical information ahead of each telehealth visit and facilitate the start of virtual sessions

  • Shift a large volume of visits to telehealth
  • Perform all of the necessary intake tasks for virtual visits
  • Set expectations with patients for their telehealth visit

Zero-Contact Intake

Reduce face-to-face interactions to keep patients and staff safe during intake

  • Support no-waiting-room workflows (e.g. car check-in)
  • Help patients check in from home for in-person visits
  • Limit exposure during emergency and urgent-care visits
  • Communicate with individual patients via two-way text

Appointment Scheduling

Prompt patients and referring providers to schedule appointments so you can focus on providing care

  • Reach out to patients to schedule a visit
  • Book more appointments with limited scheduling staff
  • Automatically fill empty slots on your schedule
  • Give referring providers access to book appointments directly

Patient Communications

Stay connected with patients and keep them informed with email and text outreach

  • Broadcast important updates to all your patients
  • Text individual patients about their virtual or in-person visit
  • Send targeted messaging to specific patient group

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