Digital tools to identify and address patients’ social determinants of health (SDOH)

Gather SDOH information during intake, connect patients with the right resources and deliver more holistic care—at scale.

Doctor speaking to elderly patient and gathering SDOH information

Collect the SDOH data you need—in real time

Your patients’ health is shaped by far more than just what happens in your exam room. Social needs, such as reliable transportation, stable housing and access to healthy food, play a critical role in patient outcomes.

That’s why Phreesia helps you gather sensitive SDOH information consistently and without stigma, supporting meaningful patient-provider interactions and more holistic care. Our robust workflows empower your team to:


Identify patients’ social needs privately
and securely


Aggregate results to better understand your patient population’s needs


Tailor SDOH content—including digital screenings and resources—to specific populations


Address gaps in care and deliver patient-centered support

When we screened patients face to face, they often felt judged and embarrassed answering such personal questions. Now they have a private, secure environment to answer these questions more honestly.”

Rachel Mullins, MHA, Chief Operating Officer, NorthShore Health Centers

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Why choose Phreesia?

It’s simple. Our platform standardizes SDOH data collection, helping you gather the information you need at scale—and giving your team more time to focus on patients.

With Phreesia, you can:

  • Identify patients’ unmet social needs at the time of service (and address them in real time)
  • Report on data to comply with regulatory requirements for quality initiatives and grants
  • Prioritize investments in resources that address SDOH in your patient population


SDOH screenings digitally administered every month



validated SDOH screening tools available on Phreesia’s platform



domains/areas of need are covered by our standard social determinants of health screening tools

Pediatrician talking to mother and child

Easily collect SDOH data for new reporting requirements

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) now requires that hospitals report on SDOH in the inpatient sphere for five domains: food, housing and transportation insecurity, interpersonal safety, and utilities.

That’s why Phreesia offers a range of social needs screening tools to help hospitals collect the data they need. Our screenings include:

  • Health Leads
  • Staying Healthy Assessment
  • And more!

Amplify your SDOH efforts with the Patient Activation Measure® (PAM®)

Don’t let staffing shortages prevent you from connecting patients with the support they need. Phreesia’s tailored SDOH workflow helps you engage the right patients in the right ways, every time—even if you’re short-staffed.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Patients complete SDOH screening from their own device or in-office hardware
  2. Patients are prompted to complete the Patient Activation Measure (PAM) and are assigned an activation score
  3. Higher-activated patients are routed to a self-service workflow, and lower-activated patients can be connected with a community health worker or other care team member to receive 1:1 support
Nurse taking elderly patients blood pressure
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Within just five months of implementing Phreesia’s SDOH workflows, HealthLinc—an FQHC in northern Indiana—saw a 43% increase in productivity, enabling the organization to connect far more patients with the social resources they need.

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Success stories

No matter your size, specialty or patient demographic, Phreesia can help your healthcare organization drive outcomes that matter.


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