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Now that Phreesia handles the delivery of the PHQ-9 automatically, providers have the information they need before they enter the exam room. This is a critical piece of the workflow, and providers are able to be proactive instead of reactive. Not only does Phreesia enhance our ability to track mental health concerns, but it also gives us the tools to identify and treat patients in a consistent and streamlined way.”

– Jenny,


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What if you could have patient-reported clinical data before the patient enters the exam room?

With Phreesia, you can. Our customized clinical support workflows help you collect essential medical and social history and understand the severity of the most common morbidities in your patient panel. Send structured data directly to your EHR, data warehouse or data lake and leverage it to help meet your clinical quality goals.

Value-Based Care

Value-based care models rely on robust, accurate patient data to measure quality of care. Phreesia’s clinical support products can help your organization gather the right data for your needs. From help with data collection for Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) and Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) quality measures, to pertinent data to the Uniform Data System (UDS) or even Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) and National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) accreditation support, we get patient self-reported data when it counts. In addition to data collection, Phreesia can help you close gaps in care through patient activation and patient engagement, helping your organization meet its value-based care needs and program requirements.

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Clinical Care Pathways

Phreesia’s Care Pathways applications give you the tools to identify and treat patients for specific health risks. From gastroenterology and orthopedics to otolaryngology (ENT) and urology, Care Pathways automatically collect patient-reported outcomes (PROs) and streamline clinical screenings for the most common morbidities. Leverage Care Pathways to collect critical health data from patients, calculate the results and deliver the results to your EHR.

COVID-19 Screening Module

Patient and staff safety matters now more than ever. Phreesia’s COVID-19 Screening Module is based on the latest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, and it allows you to automatically screen patients for self-reported COVID-19 risk factors during intake, before the visit. Staff are alerted to call and re-route at-risk patients to the appropriate care setting, reducing in-person exposure.

Learn more about our COVID-19 Screening Module >

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Wellness for Primary Care

With fewer than 13 psychiatrists per 100,000 patients in the U.S., it’s likely that your primary care providers (PCPs) are talking to patients about more than just their physical health. Phreesia’s Wellness for Primary Care application supports your PCPs as they take on increasing responsibility for their patients’ mental health needs. Our innovative application gathers patient-reported outcomes (PROs) and delivers clinical screenings for common behavioral and mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety and substance abuse, giving providers the information they need to treat the whole patient.

Healthy Child for Pediatrics

Phreesia’s Healthy Child application automates patient screenings for developmental conditions such as ADHD and autism, as well as behavioral health and wellness concerns. Leveraging widely adopted and validated screening tools, this application also helps address the challenge of needing to remember when to administer each screening to children of various ages at specific appointments. Parents, guardians, and teenagers are automatically prompted to complete the right clinical screening at the right time on our PhreesiaPads or their personal mobile device, based on proprietary logic that drives intake workflows. Screenings can be configured according to appointment type, chief complaint, patient age and more, to help you meet your organizational goals.

Phreesia’s clinical support workflows on a mobile device Phreesia’s clinical workflows on a mobile device

Women’s Wellness for OB/GYN

When was the last time your patients had a mammogram? How do you identify new mothers who may be experiencing postpartum depression, or those who face a higher risk for developing breast or other hereditary cancers? Systematically screening your female patients for these risks and conditions is vital to understanding their needs and delivering quality care. Phreesia’s Women’s Wellness application allows your practice to collect patient-reported outcomes (PROs) through automated clinical screening tools, asking the right patients the right questions at the right time and communicating the results back to their providers.

Social Determinants of Health

Your patients’ health goes well beyond the healthcare they receive—and healthcare delivery organizations have a pivotal role to play. Whether it’s a child living in an unsafe area, an older adult with few friends nearby, or a pregnant woman with no access to prenatal care, social determinants of health affect peoples’ lives in countless ways. And it’s almost impossible to meaningfully improve your patients’ health without bringing those factors into consideration.

With Phreesia, you can leverage intake to ask patients privately about their access to healthy food, safe housing and other social determinants that can have a critical impact on their health. The information you gather helps you better understand your patients and connect them to the services they need to achieve optimal health outcomes.

Graphic illustration of Phreesia’s clinical support for screening for social determinants of health


Analyze your patient-reported outcomes (PROs) to understand the needs of your patient population, track data-gathering for quality reporting initiatives, and make operational changes to better serve both your patients and staff.

  • View and track patients’ answers to clinical questions and screenings
  • Generate a list of patients who request preventative care

Success Stories

Within the first three months of using Phreesia, a multi-location FQHC delivered automated social determinant of health screenings to 10K patients.

A large spinal group leveraged Phreesia to accurately and confidentially screen patients for opioid misuse, leading to a 195% increase in opioid risk screenings in just 90 days.

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