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Ensure no patient falls through the cracks with Physician Connect

Physician Connect is a tech-enabled service designed to organize all your referrals on a central hub, giving your staff the tools to accelerate patient care. 

You can use Physician Connect to:

I can see everything that’s done for the patient. I can see when they have been scheduled. It’s just an awesome tool and I wish more practices were using it.” 

- Referral Coordinator 

“We've heard from a number of referral sources that they're more likely to refer to us now because it's easier for them to do so. If they refer via the hub, they know what's going on and they really like the ability to do IM-type communications with us." 

- VP, Business     Development

The Phreesia Physician Connect Network

Get all your referrals in one place with Physician Connect

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If you are a patient, please contact your healthcare provider directly. Please do not send any sensitive personal or health information.

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Your Phreesia Network Liaison handles onboarding referring providers

Within Connect markets, your Liaison ensures success through: 

  • Outreach campaigns to raise awareness and explain the benefits of the Connect platform

  • 1:1 demos and trainings

  • Technical set-up and implementation

  • Continuous support for referring providers

Document exchange

Patient Communication and Scheduling

Communication with referring offices

Referrals tracked from multiple channels

Insurance verification

Notes and task management

All referrals in one place

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A service-first solution designed to streamline the referrals process and connect specialists with referring providers

If you don't see your market, don’t worry. Fill out the form below and we will contact you about our Physician Connect workflow, which is available nationwide. 

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List of markets:

Atlanta Connect | Carolina Connect | Charlotte Connect | Chicago Connect | Dallas Connect | Denver Connect | Maryland Connect | Virginia Connect

  • Give referring providers visibility into all of their patients   

  • Chat 1:1 with referring providers 

  • Quickly schedule your patients 

  • Share documents without fax or email