Patient Activation Measure® (PAM®)

Understand patient and member activation so you can effectively target resources, personalize care and improve outcomes 

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What is PAM?

PAM is the gold standard in measuring individuals’ ability to manage their own health by measuring their:

Knowledge about medications and preventive health

Skills to maintain lifestyle changes and participate in care decisions

Confidence in communicating with their doctor and following up

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PAM is more than just a questionnaire. It’s:

  • Predictive of future health risks, including hospitalizations, readmissions and emergency department utilization
  • Featured as a key variable in 800+ peer-reviewed studies
  • A National Quality Forum-endorsed performance measure
  • Used by hundreds healthcare organizations in 35+ states
Earn 7-10 points toward MIPS 

If you’re a MIPS-participating provider, you can use PAM at no cost to earn points toward your 2024 quality score. 

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PAM segments individuals into one of four activation levels, providing insight into health-related characteristics like attitudes, motivators and behaviors.

Learn about PAM levels:



Overwhelmed, disengaged, not self-aware of behaviors, poor self-management



Recognizes they could and should do more, lack confidence in ability to change behavior



Good self-management with room for improvement, goal-oriented, understands role



Strong problem-solving skills and self-awareness, highly confident, goal-oriented and resilient

Use PAM to meet your objectives

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PAM for payers and payer partners

Engage members and improve risk stratification while lowering costs

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PAM for provider and care delivery organizations

Ensure care and operations are personalized and efficient

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