Phreesia Applauds KLAS’ Launch of New Patient Intake Management Solutions Category

New York, NY- June 26, 2018—Phreesia applauds the launch of a new evaluation category, patient intake management solutions, announced today by the healthcare IT data and insights company KLAS. In its report entitled, “Patient Intake Management 2018: Solutions for a More Efficient Practice,” KLAS introduced the new category and explained how patient intake management can drive efficiency, improve the patient experience and enhance care.

“This report marks an exciting milestone for our industry,” said Phreesia CEO Chaim Indig. “With the launch of this new category, KLAS has defined patient intake management and validated it as a distinct and important part of the care continuum.”

In the report, KLAS noted the inefficiencies and challenges that plague many ambulatory clinics and health systems, including manual, time-consuming tasks, redundant processes and a lack of customization.

“Patient intake management solutions have the potential to eliminate much of this duplicative and unnecessary work, offering integration with clinical and financial solutions and fluid question sets that can be customized to individual patients,” KLAS said in the report. “In addition to increasing efficiency, improving data capture, and boosting patient satisfaction, these solutions can also have direct financial impacts.”

Of all the vendors evaluated for the report, Phreesia had the highest score for implementation and training, and consequently, also had the broadest adoption of its various functionalities. For instance, 95% of surveyed Phreesia clients reported using its Mobile or browser pre-registration application, 95% said they use Phreesia to collect patient demographic information, and 90% reported using its self-service payments applications. Phreesia also had the most extensive integration capabilities.

Additionally, 80% of Phreesia clients reported feeling “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with its automatic question capability—the highest satisfaction level of any vendor evaluated for the report. This capability allows care teams to customize intake interviews and ask relevant questions, based on the individual patient and medical specialty.

“We’re so pleased that this report reflects the strength of our offering and our commitment to our clients and their patients, and we look forward to the release of the Best in KLAS awards in 2019,” said Indig.

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