New Data Shows That Engaging Patients with Relevant Cancer-Prevention Information During Check-In Increases Screening Rates

32% of Patients Who Saw a Breast Cancer-Prevention Campaign Requested a Screening

Wilmington, D.E. — Feb. 20, 2024 — Phreesia, a leader in patient intake, outreach and activation, is proud to release data from an analysis of its cancer prevention campaigns illustrating the significant impact its platform can have on increasing rates of cancer screenings. By engaging patients at critical moments in their healthcare journey, Phreesia is driving an effort to ensure that cancer is caught early, at a stage when it can be treated with good health outcomes.

The analysis revealed that when patients were shown relevant and accurate cancer prevention information while checking in for a visit with their doctor, they found the information helpful and said they would discuss preventive screenings with their doctor or request appointments.

“We underestimate the lifesaving value of clear communications directly to patients about the importance of cancer screenings,” said Hilary Hatch, PhD, a clinical psychologist and Phreesia’s Chief Clinical Officer. “Our technology reaches patients due for preventive care to ensure they are informed and ready to take an active role in getting timely cancer screenings.”

The results highlight a range of different ways that Phreesia’s platform helps to increase rates of necessary cancer screenings, which in turn, improves outcomes.

  • During a breast cancer awareness campaign that reached 268,000 patients in 10 days, more than 80% of a representative sample of patients said the information they saw about breast cancer risks and screenings were helpful. Additionally:
    • Nearly all respondents who identified as Black (94%) and the majority of respondents who identified as non-white (89%) said the content was helpful, compared with 79% of respondents who identified as white, indicating the campaign’s benefit in helping to close racial disparities in awareness on a key topic.
  • One health system asked more than 87,000 patients about mammogram screenings, and 32% of them requested a mammogram appointment.
  • In a campaign on colorectal cancer screenings, 40% of responding patients identified risk factors that placed them in the “high risk” category for colorectal cancer, indicating a need for timely screening.
  • One health system asked more than 4,800 women about their cervical cancer screenings during intake, and 30% said they would discuss cervical cancer screening options with their provider.
  • In a lung cancer screening campaign, surveyed patients 50-80 years old with a history of smoking were 234% more likely to get screened for lung cancer after seeing the campaign when compared to patients who didn’t see the message.

“We believe that engaging patients with high-quality and relevant information about their health results in better health outcomes,” said David Linetsky, SVP, Life Sciences, at Phreesia. “The life sciences companies, advocacy groups and nonprofit organizations we work with recognize that educating patients about cancer prevention at the point of care saves lives, and we are incredibly proud to use our platform to enable this type of critical education.”

Cancer is the second-most common cause of death in the U.S., killing about 1,670 people every day, yet cancer screening rates dropped considerably during the COVID-19 pandemic. Phreesia uses its digital intake platform to share vital information about necessary cancer screenings with patients, and recently published data on the positive impact of its cancer-prevention efforts for breast, colorectal, cervical and lung cancer, among others.

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