self-service patient intake options

From contactless mobile check-in to in-office modalities, Phreesia provides the convenient,
self-service options your patients want, ensuring meaningful engagement and more productive patient encounters.

Phreesia Mobile

With Phreesia Mobile, patients can complete their registration from wherever they feel most comfortable and safe—at home, in their car or from another personal space. They can also update their clinical and demographic information, take a photo to store in their patient record, capture images of their driver’s license and insurance card, sign forms and policies, and pay copays and outstanding balances—all from the privacy and ease of their own device.

Embedded APIs

Phreesia works collaboratively with your organization to enhance your brand’s digital front-door strategy. Use Phreesia’s APIs to embed pre-registration functionality directly into your own patient-facing and third-party engagement platforms.

Image of PhreesiaPad during patient check-in


For patients who don’t use a mobile device to check in, the PhreesiaPad allows them to update their information, take a photo to store in their patient record, capture images of their driver’s license and insurance card, sign consent forms, and pay copays and outstanding balances privately and securely from your waiting room. These purpose-built tablets are durable, secure and easy for patients of all ages to use.

Phreesia Arrivals Kiosk

With our registration kiosk, your patients can check themselves in quickly and easily. Designed to complement our Mobile patient check-in solution, our Arrivals kiosk allows patients to confirm their information and make payments. And for larger organizations, Arrivals’ wayfinding feature gives your patients directions to their exam room or appointment facility, further streamlining the patient intake experience.

Success Stories

A regional health system used Phreesia’s contactless mobile check-in solution for 81% of its in-person visits, limiting patient-staff exposure and improving efficiency.

A pediatrics practice saw a 43% decrease in their no-show rate after implementing Phreesia Mobile’s convenient pre-registration workflows.

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