Return on experience: Why investing in experience matters—and how to measure it

Patient Experience Webinar

There’s no doubt that investing in high-quality healthcare experiences for patients, providers and staff is important, but measuring the impact of those efforts is not easy, especially on areas like patient and employee retention and the bottom line. How can healthcare leaders know if their experience initiatives are bearing fruit? And what are the best steps to take to move the needle on experience? 

Watch our webinar as we discuss how experience influences the success of healthcare organizations and why leaders need to make it a priority. Matthew Egol, a Partner at Strategy&, PwC’s strategy consulting business; Patrick Maher, a Partner at Strategy&, and Inshita Wij, a Director at Strategy&, will share how healthcare leaders can evaluate return on experience (ROX), and share improvements that can make an impact—including efforts to reduce staff burden and deliver on the digital-first experience patients expect.  

Watch the webinar to learn:  

  • Best practices for using technology to measurably improve the patient and employee experience 
  • Strategies for measuring ROX 
  • Tips for getting started 

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