How consolidating tech vendors increases your ROI

Operations Patient Experience RCM Webinar

Does it feel like there are just too many vendors behind your digital strategy? The complexities of vendor management and a lack of connectivity between applications may be getting in the way of realizing the value of your investments. It’s time to take a more holistic approach.

Watch our webinar to hear why many healthcare leaders are consolidating vendors to make it easier to manage their digital patient experience and improve ROI across applications. Our panel discusses how they identified key areas for consolidation and redefined their technology strategy by working more strategically with fewer vendors.  

Topics include:

  • Workflows that are ripe for consolidation
  • Advice on how you can expand purchasing power and improve vendor relationships
  • Insights from healthcare leaders about why they reduced their vendor lists


Jason Burgos, Senior Program Manager, Brevard Health Alliance

Jen Jones, Marketing Director, Advantia Health

Adam Rubenfire, Content Manager, Phreesia

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