4 reasons why your practice needs digital check-in

Read our infographic to learn how digital check-in can save your staff time and provide a convenient healthcare experience for your patients.
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At a time when both patients and healthcare providers want an efficient, modern environment, digital patient check-in is key for providing a seamless experience. Not only does digital patient check-in automate time-consuming processes and virtually eliminate paper forms, it also gives patients the control and convenience they want.

View our infographic to learn more about how digital check-in tools increase operational efficiency, improve care and create a more modern and convenient experience for patients.

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4 reasons why your practice needs

Patients’ expectations for contactless, convenient and digital-first healthcare experiences are here to stay.1 Make sure your healthcare organization is exceeding patients’ expectations by using digital patient check-in tools.

What is digital patient check-in? 

Digital patient check-in systems allow patients to check in for existing appointments using their own device – from their car, home or any other location. Plus, patients can check in prior to their in-person or telehealth appointment. 

Patients expect online check-in:ii 

  • 64% of patients prefer to see doctors who offer online check-in 
  • 29% of patients said the ability to check in online is a “must have” 
  • 16% of patients said they may consider switching doctors for the ability to check in online 

How can digital patient check-in help your organization?  

  1. Save your patients’ time 

Long wait times can lead to frustrated patients who cancel appointments, leave your practice for one of your competitors and post negative reviews. Online registration helps reduce these wait times and creates a more convenient check-in process that will keep patients satisfied.

  1. Improve staff productivity 

With digital patient check-in, patients can fill out demographics and medical history, sign consents, upload ID and insurance cards, and pay copays or outstanding balances as they register for their appointment. This frees up staff from data entry, allowing them to take on duties that require more in-depth patient support or longer stretches of concentration.

  1. Improve operational efficiency 

A digital patient check-in system can help reduce no-shows and cancelations, which can result in a significant revenue boost. Plus, there’s less time spent on data entry and digitizing paper forms, helping to lower operational costs.

  1. Improve care quality 

By implementing a digital patient check-in solution, medical practices can collect patients’ intake details ahead of the visit. As a result, providers are more informed heading into the appointment, which can lead to a more productive discussion with their patients.

 Implementing a digital intake vendor is a great first step to creating a more modern and convenient experience for your patients before, during and after their visits.

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