Tired of managing faxed referrals?

Let Dallas Connect do it for you! 
We’ll digitize every fax and add them to our secure Hub so your referrals are all in one place.

Dallas Connect Dallas Connect Dallas Connect Dallas Connect

Easily manage patient referrals from a single screen.

The Dallas Connect platform is a healthcare referral management solution that offers a faster, more convenient way to send, track and receive referrals. Whether via fax or online, every referral that comes in can be managed from a single screen. That means scheduling referred patients twice as fast, improving patient access and ensuring better continuity of care.

With Dallas Connect, healthcare providers can:

Chat 1:1 in real time with patients and referring providers

Share documents without using fax or email

Check status of referred patients

Quickly schedule referred patients

The organization of referrals within Dallas Connect has been incredible compared to our previous process  and has made it easier to contact referred patients. As we move forward, we will be able to optimize staff time and assign specific roles to ensure better continuity of care.”

– Stefanie Lynn,  Business Systems Coordinator,  Pediatric Eye Specialists

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