September 24, 2007 — News

Phreesia launches at DEMOfall 07

Introduces its proprietary PhreesiaPad, the first free automated patient check-in and education solution

San Diego, CA and New York, NY – September 24, 2007/PR Newswire – –

At the DEMO Conference today, Phreesia, the first company to offer a free patient check-in solution in the physician’s waiting room, introduces its offering. In addition to automating the check-in process, Phreesia delivers fully interactive relevant health and wellness content directly to the patient using its cutting edge wireless PhreesiaPad.

The Phreesia solution was designed with patient usability and physician continuity in mind.  Incorporating data from extensive internal and third-party usability research, Phreesia delivers a wireless touch-screen and swipe-card enabled PhreesiaPad with an intuitive and adaptable user interface designed for patients with little to no computer experience.  Providing consistent, completely legible, and easily updateable patient records improves the patient-clinician dialogue ensuring a higher quality of healthcare.  “With Phreesia, my office can automate patient intake, making patient information completely legible and easy to find!” notes Dr. B. Abraham, MD of Snellville, GA.  “Patients leave the office with their questions answered, feeling like they have been cared for.”

Chris Shipley, executive producer of the DEMO conferences, said, “Understanding the precarious state of our national healthcare system, Phreesia is the first in the industry to tackle the problem with a fresh and innovative approach. Phreesia’s solution adds significant value to healthcare, helping to solve a piece of the puzzle by empowering patients to become part of the process, engaging and educating them in treatment options and ongoing lifestyle changes.”

“Physicians and patients have embraced Phreesia,” said Chaim Indig CEO of Phreesia. “We are proud and excited to have the opportunity to deliver something to the market that serves the needs of patients and doctors alike without asking them to pay. Our modular approach maps us to the office workflow rather than forcing a one size fits all approach, adding significant clinical value instantly. We look forward to becoming a standard in all physicians’ practices.”

The Phreesia Solution Features:


  • Collects 100% legible documentation from patients
  • Replaces the patient clipboard and automates check-in
  • Records, prints and securely stores patient information
  • Remembers patients’ previously entered information, thereby enabling returning patients to verify, rather than re-enter, previously recorded information

Phreesia product demonstration

Click on http://phreesia.com/demo.aspx to see how it works.


Version 2.0 is available now.

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