Phreesia Founders Ranked 6th & 7th Among Top American Entrepreneurs

Phreesia's technology simplifies one of the most essential functions in the healthcare industry: gathering patient medical records. The company's signature product is a wireless touchscreen tablet that takes the place of clipboards in doctors' offices. In addition to automating data entry for front-office staff and securing patient signatures on all required privacy forms, doctors receive fully-legible information that can be easily accessed from outside the office. Phreesia makes its money through sponsored health-related content and ads that appears on the tablets -- similar to the print brochures typically found around a doctor's office. Co-founders Indig and Roberts came up with the idea for Phreesia after several discussions about the state of the nation's healthcare system. "We've all been to doctors' offices and one of the key points that everyone deals with is checking in," Indig says. Today, PhreesiaPads can be found in thousands of doctors' offices across 48 states, and the company expects as much as $10 million in revenue in 2008.

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