Lower costs, improved outcomes and enhanced experience: Activation as the key to changing health behaviors

Clinical Value-Based care Webinar

Lowering costs while improving outcomes and experience depends on individuals’ health behaviors. But helping people make meaningful change is challenging, especially when budgets are tight and teams are overworked.

The Patient Activation Measure® (PAM®), a survey that assesses patients’ knowledge, skills and confidence needed to self-manage their care, can give health plans and provider groups the insight they need to effectively allocate resources and provide the most appropriate care.

Watch our webinar to learn how PAM can be used to reduce costs, drive efficiency and improve health outcomes. Attendees heard about first-hand PAM successes from panelists Christy Bond, Director, Population Health and Quality Improvement, Crouse Health Network; Kathie Olson, Former Vice President (Retired), Healthcare Services, Molina of Washington; and Kari Ruthig, Director, Disease Management and Wellness, American Health Holding.

Viewers of this webinar will learn:

  • What patient activation is and why it matters
  • Why measuring activation can help support operational and clinical objectives
  • How understanding activation at the population level can make it easier to allocate resources more efficiently and tailor outreach

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