Experience as your differentiator: How to attract and retain patients

Operations Patient Experience Webinar

Every health system is focused on providing high-quality care, but the growth of consumerism—bolstered by pandemic-related changes in patients’ habits and preferences—is motivating healthcare organizations to ensure they’re delivering a high-quality, convenient patient experience.

Healthcare organizations that want to attract and retain patients need to ensure they’re providing a top-notch experience that meets patients’ expectations. Focusing on improving the patient experience can give provider organizations a competitive edge in an increasingly crowded healthcare landscape.

Watch our webinar as Rob Gavora, Chief Administrative Officer at MercyOne Iowa Heart Center, discusses how he has designed his health system’s digital front door to not only support key functions like intake, access and payments, but also to provide an experience that builds patient loyalty and trust. Rob, who was Interim Vice President of MercyOne Children’s Hospital and Clinics when this webinar aired, will share how MercyOne is enabling experiences that increase volume and engage patients to take an active role in their care.  

Watch this webinar to:

  • See how major health systems are using their digital front door as a differentiator
  • Learn how to increase volume without adding to staff burden
  • Gain best practices for building patient loyalty and trust

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