Cut your patient referral scheduling time in half

Improve patient access and simplify your referral management 
Join a local provider network on Denver Connect, an online referral platform.

Easily manage patient referrals from one screen.  

The Denver Connect platform is a healthcare referral management solution that offers a faster, more convenient way to send, track and receive referrals. Whether via fax or online, every referral that comes in can be managed from a single screen. That means scheduling referred patients twice as fast, improving patient access and ensuring better continuity of care.

With Denver Connect, healthcare providers can:

Chat 1:1 in real time with patients and referring providers

Share documents without using fax or email

Check status of referred patients

Quickly schedule referred patients

“With Denver Connect, we’ve not only seen an  increase in patients referred from new sources,  but we’ve also received more new patients from established referring partners because Phreesia’s platform makes us easier to work with and more efficient.”

– Glen Campbell, VP of Business Development, Colorado Pain Care

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