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Eliminate registration bottlenecks

Save 5+ minutes per patient check-in

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Eliminate check-in bottlenecks

Keep your front desk running efficiently. Use Phreesia to:

Simplify check-in with self-service patient intake 

Manage consents with our custom logic  

Reduce denied claims with instant E&B verification  


Keep appointment slots full

Reduce your no-show rate by up to 79%

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No appointment slot empty

Recoup lost revenue from open schedule slots and ensure patients get the care they need. Use Phreesia to: 

Reduce no-shows with automated appointment reminders 

Increase patient access with online self-scheduling  

Backfill cancellations with our smart-scheduling tool


Minimize manual work

Spend 75% less time on data entry

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Ensure accurate records

Collect accurate, high-quality data directly from patients and use EHR and PM integrations to automatically update records with no staff data entry required. Use Phreesia to:

Spend less time on manual data entry 

Ensure accurate information about patient demographics 

Automatically sync with EHR and PM systems with no staff effort needed  


Combat staff burnout

Equip your team with the tools they need

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Ease staff burnout

Empower your team to accomplish meaningful work by minimizing the repetitive, manual tasks that lead to burnout. Use Phreesia to:

Digitize patient intake so staff don’t have to handle paperwork 

Automate E&B verification and minimize the back-and-forth with insurance 

Make fewer phone calls with automated patient outreach  


Support quality reporting

Collect data for HEDIS, MIPS, UDS and more

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Support quality reporting

Automatically capture data for quality measures during registration so you can close gaps in care and meet your quality goals. Use Phreesia to:

Administer the right screening tools at the right time so patients can provide the information you need 

Easily connect with patients and engage them in their care 

Automate data collection to free up valuable staff time  


Reduce vendor bloat

Standardize your workflows and boost purchasing power

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Consolidate vendors

Cover all the essentials: patient intake, access, payments and engagement. With Phreesia, you can:

Receive best-in-class support and have a partner every step of the way 

Lower your training costs so you can strengthen your bottom line 

Eliminate software incompatibilities because you’re using a single system  


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