Rethinking Referrals: Insights from Providers

This white paper offers key insights from healthcare professionals about the referrals process, including its challenges and opportunities for improvement.
Clinical Operations Patient Experience White Paper

More than one-third of all patients in the U.S. are referred to a specialist each year. However, effective communication between referral senders and receivers is difficult, which can delay diagnosis, impede treatment and create gaps in follow-up care.

This white paper draws on the results of a 35-question survey of 174 healthcare providers and administrators, conducted by Phreesia in November and December 2020.

Read this white paper to learn:

  • How providers decide when to refer patients and to whom
  • Referral senders’ goals and the challenges they face regarding communication with referral receivers
  • Opportunities for technology-based referral solutions to support all providers and eliminate these obstacles to high-quality care

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