Improve health outcomes and MIPS quality scores with patient activation

Clinical Operations RCM Value-Based care Webinar

Providers who understand their patients’ ability to self-manage their care can create more effective treatment plans that lead to better health outcomes. Recognizing this, CMS has included the Patient Activation Measure® Performance Measure (PAM®-PM), a measure that places the patients’ voice at the center of clinical care, in the 2024 Physician Fee Schedule as a quality measure for traditional MIPS.

Watch our webinar as we discuss the inclusion of the PAM-PM in MIPS and explain how Phreesia users can utilize PAM at no cost, contributing seven to ten points toward their 2024 MIPS score upon submission. Our presenters share how PAM can help you target resources, personalize care and improve health outcomes for your patients—while fulfilling MIPS quality reporting requirements.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • How PAM works and how the PAM-PM can help you succeed in traditional MIPS
  • The importance of capturing the patient voice to ensure patients are engaged in their care, a high priority for CMS
  • How Phreesia will help you administer PAM and submit PAM-PM and other patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) as MIPS quality measures


Shanoor Seervai, MPP, Person-Centered Care Research Manager

Christina Suh, MD, MPH, Director of Clinical Content

Brett Williams, MBA, Director of Product Management

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