A modern payment experience for your patients and staff 

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Phreesia does the work, so you don’t have to 

We get it—your staff has a lot going on. From verifying patients’ insurance coverage and calculating copays to posting payments and charging cards on file, Phreesia’s revenue cycle management tools help automate key steps in the payment process—before, during and after the patient visit—saving everyone time and helping you collect more, faster. Pair Phreesia Payments with our automated intake platform or use it on its own—its robust, flexible features make it the perfect standalone payment solution for your organization. 

Automated and integrated eligibility checks 

Save time

E&B verification through Phreesia takes less than a minute, and automated checks are conducted an average of three times prior to a patient’s visit.

Easily collect copays

Staff can determine copays at the time of service for primary care, specialty and urgent care visits to give patients visibility into what they owe.

Capture insurance information

During intake, Phreesia captures and verifies insurance information directly from the patient or as it’s imported from the PM system.

Better coordinate benefits

Multiple E&B checks prior to each visit ensures staff can reconcile any issues and quickly determine patient financial responsibility.

Front office staff checking computer for patient copays and eligibility checks

Increase time-of-service collections by up to 50% when payments are collected through Phreesia

With Phreesia, more than 80% of patients pay their copay at the point of service

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Multiple payment options for patients

Provide the flexible financial experience your patients expect. With Phreesia, you can offer your patients several ways to conveniently pay copays and balances without any extra staff work required. On average, healthcare organizations collect 3X more when patients use Phreesia than when they check in with a staff member.


  • Credit, debit and FSA/HSA transactions 
  • Apple Pay® and Google Pay 
  • Cash and check tracking 
  • Payment plans
  • Automated post-visit collections via card on file
  • Online payments 

Apple Pay® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. 

End-to-end enterprise support from a single platform

For health systems and larger medical groups, Phreesia can streamline all patient payments and generate a universal patient balance that consolidates financial responsibility across the entire organization in a single invoice. Multiple PM systems? No problem. We can automatically post payments to each of them, saving valuable time for your staff.

In addition, Phreesia provides external APIs that allow your organization to integrate and embed Phreesia functionality into your existing products and solutions.

of scheduled payments result in a successful collection with Phreesia
average reduction in paper statements through Phreesia

Reconciliation and reporting

Phreesia allows you to track cash, check and credit card payments from multiple locations on a single screen. PM system integrations simplify and automate end-of-day reconciliation and payment posting. 

Payment methods

We accept all major credit, debit and HSA cards, all in one place, so we can provide everyone involved with a better, more convenient payments experience.

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Facilitate financial assistance

With Phreesia, you can identify patients who may qualify for financial assistance, educate them about community-based aid and discreetly prompt them to apply for it.

Payment screen on a Phreesia PadX


Our solutions are Level 1 PCI-compliant and P2PE-validated, which helps your organization mitigate risk and remain compliant with the industry’s highest security standards. 

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Customer success stories

Girl making a mobile payment with credit card

Family medicine clinic

When a family medicine clinic used Phreesia to automatically prompt patients to pay during check-in, the practice increased its copay collection rate to 88%, reduced accounts receivable by more than $28,000 and sent 50% fewer billing statements each month.

Pediatrician examining boy

Multi-location pediatrics group

When a multi-location pediatrics group implemented Phreesia Mobile to offer parents a more convenient way to check in and make payments ahead of time, more than 90% of parents began using Phreesia to pay at the time of service.

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