Working together to create a better, more engaging healthcare experience

Phreesia’s innovative SaaS platform and suite of robust tools help healthcare organizations automate intake and activate patients in their care – all while providing a modern, convenient experience.

To help us achieve our mission, we partner closely with  Rayden Interactive, a consulting company based in Pune, India. Since 2019, Phreesia and Rayden have helped drive better health outcomes for patients across the U.S.

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“Our Rayden colleagues are valued members of our team, providing skilled and reliable support in key business functions from product management and support to client services and marketing. Phreesia is experiencing growth like never before, and the Rayden team is a great contributor to our ability to expand and scale successfully.”

— Evan Roberts,  Chief Operating Officer, Phreesia

How do Phreesia and Rayden work together?

Rayden hires local talent to help support various areas of Phreesia’s business, including: 

Marketing and Sales

Client Success

Product Engineering

Business Operations

Partnering to improve healthcare

Make an impact and access great benefits

Phreesia is stronger with Rayden by its side. Our teams – both stateside and in India – work together every day to expand our product, support our clients and enhance our operations. The best part? We have fun along the way and we make sure employees feel supported! Employee satisfaction is key, which is why we offer industry-leading benefits


Explore Rayden career opportunities


Explore Rayden career opportunities

Competitive compensation

Unlimited PTO

Remote work environment

Partnering to improve healthcare