Keeping the Consumer in Focus in 2022: Building a Patient-Centric Strategy Amid a Pandemic  

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2021 brought yet another year of uncertainty and challenges for healthcare organizations. Although many healthcare organizations have figured out how to manage effectively through the ebbs and flows of COVID, there’s no question that many long-term goals and strategic initiatives have taken a backseat to immediate crises, such as the Omicron variant. As the industry moves into 2022, how can leaders stay focused on the long-term strategy and financial health of their organizations while still weathering the pandemic?  

To find out, join us for an insightful webinar with Patrick Maher, a Partner at Strategy&, PwC’s strategy consulting business; and Inshita Wij, a Director at Strategy&, who will offer an overview of the top issues that healthcare leaders should prepare for in 2022, including the growth of consumerism and patients’ changing expectations, digital transformation and telehealth. Patrick and Inshita will share strategies for addressing these various priorities, as well as key insights from a survey of over 1,000 healthcare consumers during the pandemic, reflecting both opportunities and challenges for healthcare organizations in the long game of consumer transformation. 

Watch this webinar to learn about:  

  • A long-term perspective of the evolution of the healthcare ecosystem focused on health consumers—and how COVID-19 has accelerated several aspects of this future 
  • How health systems can optimize their digital front door to align with consumer expectations 
  • Strategies for leveraging virtual care as a strategic asset

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 Featuring Patrick Maher & Inshita Wij of Strategy&, PwC's strategy consulting business

About Patrick Maher:

Patrick Maher is a partner with PwC Strategy& with over 27 years of experience in the US and Europe. He specializes in health systems with clients ranging from top tier academic medical centers to regional health systems and physician groups. Patrick’s work focuses on developing long-term enterprise strategies, operating models, consumer strategy and capabilities, and product and service development and prototyping. The central theme behind the passion he brings to his client work is creating a more consumer focused healthcare future that truly enhances the health and well-being of healthcare consumers. Patrick has also published thought leadership on healthcare and speaks regularly on healthcare issues at senior healthcare executive conferences. He currently co-leads the firm’s Integrated Health 3.0 thought leadership – the firm’s long-term perspective on the future of healthcare. 

About Inshita Wij:

Inshita Wij is a Director with PwC Strategy&’s customer transformation practice, with over 10 years of consulting experience. Inshita focuses on large health system clients, with emphasis on delivering consumer experience strategies, workforce strategy, culture, and organization effectiveness engagements. Prior to PwC, she spent four years helping hospitality companies with development strategies and feasibility studies. She grew up in India and lived in Switzerland before moving to the US. Outside of work, Inshita enjoys hiking, reading about leadership and organizational psychology, and meditating.

About Phreesia:
Phreesia gives healthcare organizations a suite of applications to manage the patient intake process. Our innovative SaaS platform engages patients and provides a modern, consistent experience, while enabling our clients to maximize profitability, optimize their staffing and enhance clinical care.