The Medicare Advantage experience: What your members had to say during OEP

Medicare Advantage members shared their thoughts on how plans can improve onboarding, customer service and overall experience.
Patient Experience Webinar

Member experience is a key driver of any Medicare Advantage plan’s ability to achieve high Star Ratings and sustained growth. But what factors are influencing the member experience?   

Watch our webinar to gain insights from Phreesia’s survey of nearly 6,000 Medicare beneficiaries during the Open Enrollment Period, detailing the drivers of a positive—or negative—experience. Briana Kearney, VP of Market Development at Phreesia, shares members’ perspectives on their onboarding experience, their health plan’s customer service, access to care and reasons why they may be inclined to leave their plan. She’s joined by Nate Lucena and Jessica Muratore, Senior Consultants at Rex Wallace Consulting, a firm that helps health plans improve Stars ratings and engage more effectively with their members and providers. Nate and Jessica offer their insights on how Medicare Advantage plans can improve member experience and retention.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Learn what Medicare Advantage members think about their experience with onboarding and customer service
  • See how member demographics play a role in their experience
  • Uncover the drivers of overall member experience and turnover—and how to act on them before AEP
  • Gain insights from members on how their health plan can help them take advantage of their benefits

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